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    Three Ways To Spot Internet Scams

    1. Visit The Rip Off Report

    The Rip Off Report is a great source of information when you are trying to find out if a company is a scam. You can type in the name of the company you are looking for into the search field, and you can read any comments someone might have made about it.

    Having said this, if you do see consumer complaints on the Rip Off Report, realize that not all companies are "perfect" - very good companies sometimes appear on the Rip Off Report. Also, every once in a while, someone might make a false report because of ulterior motives.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes, someone will report a company to the Rip Off Report if they "suspect" that company is a scam, even when they don't have any evidence. Having said this, if 10 or 20 people report a company on the Rip Off Report, particularely in the "get rich quick" industry, chances are, that company is ripping people off, so proceed with caution!

    2. Visit the Better Business Bereau

    The Better Business Bereau can also help you spot scams. They have a great deal of information about different kinds of scams to look out for. However, one important thing to consider when researching a company at the BBB is the Total Number Of Consumer Complaints...forget the BBB's rating of the company - sometimes it seems a little "off".

    3. Visit Online Forums

    Online forums, such as SCAM.com, are also a great source of information to spot scams. Simply search the product by name, or make a post and ask whether or not anyone has had any experience with the company you are researching.

    Now...sometimes affiliates of certain products will sing praises of very bad products - THESE PEOPLE ARE HEARTLESS! However, there are very good products out there - and for obvious reasons, affiliates of these products make good recommendations since they believe in these of products - but if five or ten people say the product stinks, and only one person says the product is good, then its a safe bet the product stinks...the majority is often the rule in these cases.
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    Re: Three Ways To Spot Internet Scams

    or... sign up for whatever affiliate program the scam offers, then star posting HERE, asking for 'information about...'

    Make sure to post your affiliate link prominently.

    When the mods threaten you, signup again under a new name.

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