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    New to MacBook, Q's ...

    Hey everybody,

    W/in the next month (hopefully) I'll be getting my first Mac via an offer I did thru NT. I just printed my vouchers and will get it notarized and mailed this week.

    I have some compatibility questions though.

    I have a wireless internet hookup at work and home, will the Mac work the same as a PC in finding and accessing online services (ie will I just pick out the secure network to connect to and put in the security code to connect?). I also have a wireless backup hard drive w/work documents that I'm going to need to access - is that they same?

    I use MS Word, what comes on a Mac? Are the files compatible? Are they convertable? Everybody I work with and send information to uses Word formats, do they make Word for the Mac if I cannot use what comes w/it?

    I use Quicken @ work ... I'm sure they make a program that's comparable to that? As long as I can export from the PC and import it into the Mac that's fine w/me.

    What about upkeep? Updates? etc., w/the PC's of course I'm doing Windows updates, disk cleanup, defrags, etc., what do I need to do to keep my Mac up and running for a few years? And, what's the life expectancy of a Mac? After a few years PC's start to go downhill, technology makes them old after a short time (ie my laptop from 12/04 only has one processor, gasp!!!, lol)

    Anybody that can point me to good books, websites, etc., for a Mac Newbie would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Re: New to MacBook, Q's ...

    MS Office files for PC and Mac are compatible. :rolleyes:
    I know Russian Mac site with good forum but this site in Russian. Sorry... :)

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