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    Copying US model leads to poverty in UK...

    Source: http://news. independent. co.uk/uk/ this_britain/ article2271655. ece

    Emulating US has led to poverty

    By Andy McSmith and Nigel Morris

    Published: 15 February 2007

    Britain's "dog eat dog" society, which is a poor copy of the United States , was blamed for the conclusion that this country is the worst developed nation in the world to grow up in.

    UK children were yesterday rated bottom of a survey of 21 industrialised countries which looked at issues such as emotional well-being and poverty.

    Neal Lawson, chairman of the Labour think tank Compass, said: "The reason our children's lives are the worst is because we emulate the USA . We copy their labour market flexibility, love of the free market, their worship of business leaders. At the top are the nations prepared to tax, regulate and create the conditions for a strong society, so get the best of all worlds."
    "Ethics" is simply a last-gasp attempt by deist conservatives and
    orthodox dogmatics to keep humanity in ignorance and obscurantism,
    through the well tried fermentation of fear, the fear of science and
    new technologies.
    There is nothing glorious about what our ancestors call history,
    it is simply a succession of mistakes, intolerances and violations.

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    Re: Copying US model leads to poverty in UK...

    Dont forget though, Enlightenment, as well as copying the US model, the UK is also taxed and regulated to the hilt, and its STILL the bottom out of 21 industrialised nations. You cant park your car outside your house without a permit, you pay around 1000 in council tax for a p!ss poor service, and then pay extra on top, Gordon Brown taxes anything that moves, and most things that dont, billions are being wasted by the NHS bean counters paying off private contractors under the Private Finance Initiative, while doctors and nurses are being laid off and hospitals closed. An illegal immigrant who raped a 13 year old girl gets 500,000 in "compensation" for a breach of his "human rights" while my grandmother hasnt had her pension paid in 6 months. Estates in South London are no go areas at weekends, where 15 year old kids shoot and stab each other because theyve been "dissed", while police arrest shopkeepers for defending themselves against robbers. Shall we throw even more tax money at it?

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