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    www.easymoneymadeonline.com ?

    I am inquiring about 2 different things here:

    1. The following is a copy of an ad running in our local paper

    "$1576+ Weekly At Home. Typing Simple Data From Home Working Only 45 Minutes A Day. Register Online NOW. www.TopJobsReview.com "

    and when you go to their site you are then pointed in the direction of the following website for the "data entry".

    2. www.easymoneymadeonline.com

    I am wondering if anyone has tried or heard ofeither of these companies or has any feedback.

    I keep seeing their ads (#1 above) in our local e.texas paper, and am looking for supplement income. But I sure don't want to throw good hard earned money away. I'm kinda of the opinion that one really shouldn't have to pay to work for someone else. This is why I am a bit leary of this.

    Any info you might have about them would be appreciated.
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    Re: www.easymoneymadeonline.com ?

    $1000 a day for just 30 minutes work? Dude, people who put out this stuff should be done for misleading/deceptive advertising. Sounds like just another crappy ebook on how to make money from adwords or somesuch - which is not as easy as they make it sound (data entry!) and requires cash to start with.

    But here is the whois contact info for EasyMoneyMadeOnline.com if you want to ask him any questions:


    Oh look - topjobsreview.com is owned by the same guy - hardly makes it an impartial 'review' then does it!!

    And the top rated 'paid survey site' - oh yes, you guessed it - he owns that one too!

    But from the how we test page it says

    <"We have thoroughly reviewed every single program mentioned and reviewed on this web site. We have a dedicated staff who have been reviewing products for over three years! Along with our knowledgeable staff we hire independent testers as well. People just like you who evaluate and report on the methods and progress achieved with each individual system.

    Our staff and testers have not simply reviewed each sites sales page and disclaimer, but instead we have taken the time and the expense to thoroughly read and evaluate every single program that is listed on our site. There are many good programs on the web, but do to the large number it is only possible to list a small amount of the absolute most profitable programs. We have reviewed over 750 programs from every field and area on this site, only the most honest legitimate business opportunities to make money online have been listed. ">

    So it took his "dedicated staff who have been reviewing products for over three years" and "independent testers as well" to come up with..........links to his own websites and a couple of affiliate links!! Hmmmmmmm

    Put it this way - he won't be getting $49.95 of my hard-earned money any day soon! :)

    Quote Originally Posted by tta2
    I'm kinda of the opinion that one really shouldn't have to pay to work for someone else.
    I agree.

    Here is the advice from UK OFT website re home working scams:

    How do I know it is a scam?

    * they will ask for money up front
    * they promise large sums of money for performing simple tasks
    * they use a post office box address or a mobile phone number so you never meet them and cannot find them once you realise it is a scam
    * the advertisements will not state clearly what is involved.

    How to protect yourself:

    * don't pay any money up front - geniune employers will not ask you to pay money before you start working
    * stop, think and be sceptical. Ask yourself these simple questions: does it sound too good to be true? Is there actually an offer of work or just an offer to tell you more about finding work? Does it claim to be a big money opportunity? Does the work sound too easy?

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    Re: www.easymoneymadeonline.com ?

    Thank you ukscambuster I appreciate your thoughtful and detailed response.

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