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    New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 1

    My daughter was on yahoo mess. and got this IM and I stepped in so read and laugh Its a long one:
    rose_householdcom: Hello,are you interested in a part time job offer?
    purity_sin: Huh
    rose_householdcom: Yea
    rose_householdcom: I IMed you about a job offer befor now
    rose_householdcom: Are u from the states
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: Yes
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Have we talk about any part time job offer befor nwo
    rose_householdcom: now*
    purity_sin: no
    rose_householdcom: k
    purity_sin: How did you find my Sn?
    rose_householdcom: Well,i'm Shawna
    rose_householdcom: And u?
    purity_sin: How did you find my Sn?
    rose_householdcom: Well,thru yahoo 360
    rose_householdcom: ur name?
    purity_sin: Tia
    rose_householdcom: Nice to meet you Ms Tia
    rose_householdcom: Do you work?
    purity_sin: No I just go to school full time
    rose_householdcom: Ok Ms Tia\
    rose_householdcom: Do you care for a part time job offer that will not affect your present job
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: I guess sure
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Well,the company name is Hans textiles
    purity_sin: Alright
    rose_householdcom: we are located in Khan House, Chattley Street in Manchester Lancashire Uk
    rose_householdcom: Have you heard about us befor now\
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: no
    rose_householdcom: Our main factory and head offie is located in Uk were but we also have a factory in wst Africa where we get most of the cotton which we use in manufacturing our products
    rose_householdcom: We manufacture duvets,pillows,bedlinen, covers, mink blankets, satin bedspread
    rose_householdcom: These are the main Products which we manufacture and supply to our customers.These products are being supplied to our customers who are in the united states and some other countries around the world
    rose_householdcom: Are you listening
    purity_sin: Yes
    rose_householdcom: k
    rose_householdcom: we are looking for a representative in the Unites states, someone who would help us recieve payments from our customers in the United states. We are willing to pay 10% per every payment you recieve and you can still keep your regular job while you work for us
    rose_householdcom: Do you know the reason why we are seeking for your help on this?
    purity_sin: Not really but this sounds like a scam
    purity_sin: Are you there?
    rose_householdcom: Yea
    rose_householdcom: Sorry get some files out
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: why we need your help on this is
    rose_householdcom: This payments are in america dollar certified checks and money orders,,we find it diffecute to have these payments cash here in uk cuz is an america dollar certified checks..befor now we do have to treval there to the states in getting these payments ourself but latly we find out we spend so much in coming there for these payments,and we hve them send it to us here in uk and we cash it here in uk,but the problem here is that we have it deposited in our account here in uk it takes two to three weeks for it to clear our account here in uk
    purity_sin: I see
    rose_householdcom: Are you reading?
    purity_sin: I just finished
    rose_householdcom: ok
    rose_householdcom: So we are legit
    rose_householdcom: 100% legal
    rose_householdcom: So all wht we need from u is this
    purity_sin: Is there any proof that I can see?
    rose_householdcom: Like wht dear
    purity_sin: A website or something
    purity_sin: And I wouldnt have to put any money in would i?
    rose_householdcom: Ohh
    rose_householdcom: yea

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 2

    here is more of the IM:
    purity_sin: yea?
    rose_householdcom: http://www.rose-household.co.uk/index1.htm
    rose_householdcom: Are u checking on that
    purity_sin: yes
    rose_householdcom: k
    purity_sin: Would I have to put any money into this?
    rose_householdcom: Nope
    rose_householdcom: You don't have to pay any upfront fee to get started on this belive me
    rose_householdcom: All wht you do is recieve these payments takes it to your bank and have it cash
    rose_householdcom: We are willing to pay you 10% for any payment you recieve
    rose_householdcom: k
    purity_sin: Maybe I should talk to my mom about it
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Were is she now?
    purity_sin: shes at work but she should be home soon
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    purity_sin: Could you email me all the information if i give you my email adress
    rose_householdcom: Wht will you be telling her when she comes back
    rose_householdcom: Wht info
    rose_householdcom: i have explain everything to u
    rose_householdcom: I just visited your page on http://evilpirotess.tripod.com/
    purity_sin: Ah then I'll give have her im you when she comes home since I have to go start cooking
    rose_householdcom: get the work going you are trying your best
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: I will love to contrbute to your work
    rose_householdcom: k
    rose_householdcom: So wht do you think
    purity_sin: Oh heres my mom now
    rose_householdcom: Since you are old enough to know wht all that means in the world you will know the right thing to do as well
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Good afternoon Mum
    rose_householdcom: I'm Shawna
    purity_sin: Hold on one minuet please
    rose_householdcom: Oki
    rose_householdcom: Ok*
    rose_householdcom: Hello
    rose_householdcom: Still waiting
    purity_sin: This is Debra Tia's mom
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Good afternoon Mum
    rose_householdcom: Well,i'm Shawna Panke
    rose_householdcom: I know by now you have read all wht i have said
    rose_householdcom: I mean do you read the IMs
    rose_householdcom: ?
    rose_householdcom: Hello Mum
    purity_sin: yes please explain how you found my daughter and what you are asking of her
    rose_householdcom: Ohh
    purity_sin: I just read this IM and I have some questions
    rose_householdcom: Well,if you have read the IMs i said to her i'm an employer...i work with a company called rose household compan a linen and fabric company
    rose_householdcom: Ok Mum
    rose_householdcom: Can you go ahead and as your questions
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: your site seems to have a problem with the link about us
    rose_householdcom: Yea
    rose_householdcom: We are upgrading the web page for now
    rose_householdcom: we are placing some of our new product on the web page
    purity_sin: can you send me your company's info
    rose_householdcom: but as soon as we have it thru u will have it to check on i promise you that
    rose_householdcom: Wht else do you need to know about us Mum
    purity_sin: well as you know there are scam artists on the net that ask people to cash their checks and forward them the money and keep a percent for themselves so I ned to make sure you are not one of them
    purity_sin: need*
    rose_householdcom: You are right about that
    rose_householdcom: But as i said befor now we are legit 100% legal
    purity_sin: I wil have to research your company before I allow her to do anything
    rose_householdcom: I swear to you with god we are for real
    rose_householdcom: i have given her reason why we need her help on this
    rose_householdcom: we are needing about 6 people doing this for us there in united states there
    rose_householdcom: cuz the company is in a very high sales this season
    rose_householdcom: Wht else do you want to know about the company
    rose_householdcom: You can ask me any question you have
    rose_householdcom: i'm here to get you thru in all that
    rose_householdcom: Hello Mum
    purity_sin: tell me your address please
    rose_householdcom: Oh...here is that we are located in Khan House,
    Chattley Street in Manchester
    Lancashire Uk,34 Parliament Street, York, YO18SG

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 3

    Last of that IM:
    rose_householdcom: Are u there
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: tell me have you heard of data wales index and search by any chance?
    rose_householdcom: Wht do u mean Ma
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: does this look like you? Rose Household Textiles Ltd, Lancashire, M8 8QF, UK,
    rose_householdcom: I give you the address in full
    rose_householdcom: that is the company full address
    rose_householdcom: We are located in Khan House
    purity_sin: how do you do the transfers?
    rose_householdcom: Well,if the fund is large we can have our account for you to get the money across to us
    rose_householdcom: But if the money is in a littl amount we can have that thru western union or money gram
    rose_householdcom: It depends on wht the customers are purchasing from us
    purity_sin: fine what does she have to do for you
    rose_householdcom: U and your child can be doing this
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: recieve these payments from our customers there in united states have it cash and help the company send the funds
    rose_householdcom: But she can do this all alone if you are also intereted in helping us you can
    rose_householdcom: any one who can asiste us can do
    rose_householdcom: Are you with me Ma
    rose_householdcom: Hello
    purity_sin: I understand I am waiting to hear what she has to do to start
    rose_householdcom: Oh
    rose_householdcom: Well she don't have to pay any thing to get started on this job
    rose_householdcom: she don't need any upfront fee to get started Ma
    purity_sin: so what does she has to do
    rose_householdcom: All wht she need is the full name that would be on the checks
    purity_sin: her name
    rose_householdcom: home address where it will be delivered to via courie company fedex or ups
    rose_householdcom: Yea
    rose_householdcom: and direct contact phone number
    rose_householdcom: E-mail address
    rose_householdcom: ?
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Wht about urs Ma
    purity_sin: thats fine I will wait and see what comes for her
    rose_householdcom: Please help her so that things can move fast
    purity_sin: yes
    rose_householdcom: Look Ma you have to belive us
    rose_householdcom: Trust is everthing
    rose_householdcom: i swear to you with god we are for real
    rose_householdcom: trust me
    purity_sin: I will reserve that till I see and check out the checks and your business
    rose_householdcom: Do you belive in the word of karman that wht gose around comes around
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Why are i'm pleading you help is this
    rose_householdcom: If i do you any evil some one else will also do the same to me
    rose_householdcom: do you belive in that
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: well what is the next step here
    rose_householdcom: why i'm pleasding you help out on this is that the customers are in high purchase of our product this season
    rose_householdcom: I will get you updated as soon as my boss process it your infomation
    purity_sin: as I said what does she do now that you have her info
    rose_householdcom: and mail them out to the customers for their payments to you guys
    purity_sin: ok we await the mail
    rose_householdcom: start recieving the payments as soon as her information is process and mail out to the customers for their payments to her
    rose_householdcom: So can i have your own name to make everything easy for thie
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: ok is that all she wants to go and finish chatting with her friends
    rose_householdcom: Your Full Name
    rose_householdcom: ?
    rose_householdcom: This****
    purity_sin: I am not a party this is her baby
    purity_sin: she is old enough to do this
    rose_householdcom: i know
    rose_householdcom: i mean the payments that will be coming to her will be too much for her to cash all at the same time
    rose_householdcom: Cuz she will be cashing the checks the same day she recieves it
    rose_householdcom: that is wht i mean
    purity_sin: she has her own credit cards and her own bank accounts
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: is ok
    rose_householdcom: since you don't want to asiste us in this
    rose_householdcom: is nice talking to you Mrs Debra
    purity_sin: nothing to do with me this is her and you I just spoke with you cause she asked me
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Nice talking with You Ma
    rose_householdcom: Do have a great day
    purity_sin: who is Debra?
    purity_sin: oh I will kill her she created a fake email name LOl
    rose_householdcom: You told me you are her Mum Debra
    rose_householdcom: Scrol up
    purity_sin: that is her play account and she said she changed her name on it lol
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Wht is your name Ma
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: Mine is Suka
    rose_householdcom: O
    rose_householdcom: Ok*
    rose_householdcom: Nice talking with your Mrs Suka
    purity_sin: same here
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: Can i talk with her now
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: she will be here in a sec she said bfn
    purity_sin: she is cooking
    rose_householdcom: Ohh
    rose_householdcom: i remember
    rose_householdcom: So can i ask you few question if you don't mind
    rose_householdcom: Wht do you do for aliving?
    purity_sin: sure
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: you asking about me or Tia?
    rose_householdcom: U,Ma
    purity_sin: I am a paralegal and a private investagator
    rose_householdcom: Oh
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: She said befor now she still at school
    rose_householdcom: right
    purity_sin: I just fixed her email address and told her not to c reate extra names
    purity_sin: yes she in college
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: How old is she cuz i have not ask her that
    purity_sin: 1st year
    rose_householdcom: ?
    rose_householdcom: ?
    purity_sin: 20 years old
    rose_householdcom: Oh
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: How often do you come online her Ma
    rose_householdcom: Can i have your ID to add you to my list
    rose_householdcom: ?
    rose_householdcom: Here****
    purity_sin: I dont IM really sorry
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: I think i have to leave you have some rest since you are just returning from work
    rose_householdcom: Please tell her to get back online and hit me so i will let her know more about this
    rose_householdcom: Ok
    rose_householdcom: k
    purity_sin: ok she will come on after dinner
    purity_sin: have a nice night
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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile New IM

    I went under my daughter's yahoo name and this joker IM'd me or her again. Here is the latest. Gosh I love being blunt and still taking them in ROFLMAO :D :rolleyes:
    rose_householdcom is currently not in your Messenger List.
    Add to your Messenger List (Ctrl+Shift+A) Report as Spam (Alt+Shift+R)

    rose_householdcom com: Hello
    Tia Pure: hi this is Tia's mom she is in school. Look she told me she was trying to do her homework last night and you kept IM'ing her. Please do not do that school is 1st for her
    rose_householdcom com: Yea Mum
    rose_householdcom com: i told her we are going to talk tomorrow
    rose_householdcom com: i never disturb her
    Tia Pure: I was under the impression you had all you needed from her and all you needed to do was send her what you have. So why keep talking with her? She is on here for school only
    rose_householdcom com: Ok Ma
    rose_householdcom com: ?
    Tia Pure: is there anything else you need from her?
    rose_householdcom com: Nope
    rose_householdcom com: Nothing
    rose_householdcom com: Just to see how she is doing since i'm online
    Tia Pure: great then she looks forward to what ever you are sending her through the mail
    rose_householdcom com: Oh
    rose_householdcom com: Ok
    Tia Pure: I am sure she will IM you if she has questions
    Tia Pure: well you have a great day
    rose_householdcom com: Is the a limit she can cash
    Tia Pure: no she is old enough ancd has her own accounts
    rose_householdcom com: ok
    rose_householdcom com: so no limit
    rose_householdcom com: she can have any amount cash
    rose_householdcom com: right
    Tia Pure: she is still waiting for the infomation on your company since your link on the site isnt working
    Tia Pure: correct
    rose_householdcom com: Yea
    Tia Pure: now there will be the name and address of the company or person that is sending the check or money order correct in case the bank has questions right?
    rose_householdcom com: that i think will be on the envelop i mean when she recieve's the check
    rose_householdcom com: the company were the check is from will be on the check
    rose_householdcom com: i'm right
    Tia Pure: as this is a "legal" company per your owrds you are okay with the fac t no money will be sent to you until the bank clears the check and or money order..also the check and or money order should also have the name and address of the account it is being drawn off of
    Tia Pure: words ** sorry a cat just jumped up on keys
    rose_householdcom com: You live there in us
    rose_householdcom com: right
    rose_householdcom com: lol
    Tia Pure: yes we are in the USA
    rose_householdcom com: ok
    rose_householdcom com: you recieve a pay check were you work
    rose_householdcom com: right
    Tia Pure: yes I do
    rose_householdcom com: you have cash a check befor now
    rose_householdcom com: ok
    Tia Pure: always it was cleared with the company yes
    rose_householdcom com: so the bank the check is draw from is always on the check
    rose_householdcom com: i'm right
    Tia Pure: yes and the bank can and will be called to make sure the funds are there and that the owner is aware of this being cashed...hope you understand
    rose_householdcom com: look we need her send the money the same day she receive the check and have it cash at once and send the money same day
    rose_householdcom com: will that be possible
    rose_householdcom com: All wht you do when ever a check get to her call the bank the check is draw from
    Tia Pure: no can do until it clears sorry. I will not have her libel for any fraud. I already told you I am a paralegal and a private investigator..she will call the bank yes then if its there she will cash it
    rose_householdcom com: asking them some one issue you a check with this amount that you will be needing to know if that amount is avaliable for you to pick up
    Tia Pure: yes she will contact the bank it is drawn on and ask if the company is aware of this check being sent to her and if the funds are in it
    Tia Pure: then you will get your money
    rose_householdcom com: Ok
    Tia Pure: so when should she expect the mailings from you?
    rose_householdcom com: Wht if the bank ask her to deposit the check for some days
    rose_householdcom com: ?
    Tia Pure: she will deposit it if the bank asks her to
    rose_householdcom com: will she be able to send the money when the check clears her account she will have the money back
    Tia Pure: right she can only send you what they give her. If it is more then our bank allows it will sit for 5 days. She can not access the money until the bank releases it
    Tia Pure: if your okay with that then send the money now
    rose_householdcom com: Ok
    rose_householdcom com: Cuz we will need her to send any amount they alows her to have when ever they ask her to deposit a check
    Tia Pure: fine as I said sent it and we will see
    rose_householdcom com: Ok
    Tia Pure: have a great day
    rose_householdcom com: Ok
    rose_householdcom com: U too
    rose_householdcom com: send my greetings to her when she returns
    rose_householdcom com: bye for now
    Tia Pure: will do bye

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 1

    Wow, that person sounded really desperate for your daughter to do that. LOL
    Patricia Lynne's Treasures
    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
    It's my store! I got it up (almost gotta add a few items and spell check LOL) I got domain hosting and email accounts. I sent out my application for sales tax. I'm so excited. Also check out my blog at myspace page

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 1

    Quote Originally Posted by kurro07
    Wow, that person sounded really desperate for your daughter to do that. LOL
    My daughter just received the 1st check today. I will have to go to the bank with it tomorrow then contact the FBI and local agencies.
    This is fun. Just think they are sitting there expecting it to come to them. ROFLMAO.

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 1

    Quote Originally Posted by damanimelover
    My daughter just received the 1st check today. I will have to go to the bank with it tomorrow then contact the FBI and local agencies.
    This is fun. Just think they are sitting there expecting it to come to them. ROFLMAO.
    I love this. Keep us posted.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: New Scam...Rose Houshold Textile Part 1

    I have a check here also from the same people, did anyone deposit the check? and if so what happened?

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