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    Re: www.accountnow.com

    My husband has accountnow and he works at Labor Ready every day. When he gets paid, we take the cash up the street to western union it to the card. Our house payment is on the card (just so you know before commenting badly). AccountNow restricted our account saying my husband's birthday was wrong but refusing to disclose the information. We faxed the info they wanted two days ago and they still have done nothing saying that fax was never received. We've been charged $8 in phone fees and some of them were charges from when we didn't get a chance to talk to a human being. So for all of you who have a great time with them and say we're losing it, I'm just waiting for the day when they screw you over. Bill collectors don't care that your account is frozen. Remember that.

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    Re: www.accountnow.com

    Account Now Is A Scam For Using Gas. They Took Out $126 Out Of My Account For A $20 Purchase Stating They Cannot Determine How Much I Used. I Have To Wait Until The Gas Station Take Out What I Used. A Scam I Will Never Use This Card Again.

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    Re: www.accountnow.com

    this is the worst ever! dont use them period! i lost my card right after loading 400 bucks not they will not give me my money! BEEN 2 WEEKS i made a BBB report on them and it turns out they been in busness 5 years and in the last only 3 years had 772 complaints they give you a number to call when you loose your card heres the catch when you call they automated ask for your card number how you going to give it to them if you dont have your card? there is no operator number or function i seen so far on the net many many of the same complaints! saying they will make your family starve and its because the patriot act is why they cant return the funds and like me same thing they lock you out your online account! its not just me i found it on account now youtube commercial page lol they actually leave all these negative comments on there youtube they just dont care i am going to the police tomorrow for theft

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