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Thread: Profit Masters

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    Profit Masters

    Has anyone tried Profit Masters by Jim Rivas? Is it a scam?

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    Re: Profit Masters

    Yes Ihave & it is awesome!

    I searched the net for ages looking for the right business for me. I did not want to get into selling pills and potions or MLM. I wanted somthing with real earning potential in as little time as possible so I can concentrate on my baby boy and the more important things in life!

    It is not often that a legitimate business opportunity becomes available on the Internet that has all that I was looking for. The Profits Masters Team is the only one I found! They are a rare exception and have been successful for several years.

    The Profit Masters Team is a group of independent business people who operate their own business selling Web based Educational Services. These Educational materials are quality products and the commission on each sale is $1,000.

    There is no cold calling or fishing for customers. Customers contact you by email or telephone and it is up to you to introduce them to the company and the product.

    If your serious and commited to your success & follow all the training and support you are given you cannot fail!

    If you want to know more just get my web address from my profile & Thoroughly review the pages on my web site. I think you will be impressed by what you see! Fill out the survey form & I will give you a call or email me at [email protected]

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    Re: Profit Masters


    I started with Emerald Passport and talked to Jim Rivas personally. I don't recommend it. Unless you have a lot of money for advertising buying or generating your own leads, good phone selling skills, and a lot of time and energy to handle the rejection when you tell your prospects how much it costs, I say stay away. That's just me though. I know the money sounds good, I now it all makes sense on paper, but I don't believe in their products and their "marketing" system is a joke. What I'd recommend doing is learning how to market first then getting involved with a higher end product that you believe in when you feel confident in your marketing ability. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Profit Masters

    What is the joining fee and how soon did you make your first sale

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    Re: Profit Masters

    First of all, let me educate you on what an ideal Internet business model is:

    1. Should have high profit, and high cash flow.
    (don't waste your time with MLM, selling pills, vitamins, lotions, creams, energy drinks, energy, buying product and storing it in your garage. Complete waste of time, you have to sell hundreds of items
    to make any real 6 figure income.)
    2. Should have a state of the art automated system, that leverages you time and provides for passive income.
    3. Should have an excellent proprietary products. i.e,not
    available anywhere else.
    4. Should be a company that has been in business for at least 10 years and is highly reputable
    5, Must have an excellent market for the products.
    6. Must have an excellent training and support system in place.

    Been in Profit Masters now for over 13 months, it is the best business model on the Planet, bar none. I'm 64 years old, and this system is phenomenal, its like having a $50,000 executive secretary that does all you correspondence, emails, auto responders, movies, notes and reminders for you. Could not do my business without it, the automation is amazing. it leverages your time and provides for passive income.

    Most people that do like Profit Masters or EPI, have given up, or expected a free lunch, or did not work at the system. I personally have made over $15,000 in 1 week. Also, know people in this business earning over $100,000 per month, with this excellent business model. People, from all walks of life are earning 6 figures and more. The people that do not earn anything, have not done the work, or gave up on the 1 yard line, or did not attend any of the conferences, to improve their self development and their skills.

    "fall down seven times, get up 8" ole japanese proverb

    The products are outstanding, have used the Negotiation Class and Real Estate Classes, to save over $63,000 on the purchase of a new home in Las Vegas.

    Have attended the Wealth and Self Conference, and heard Mark Victor Hansen, Ross Quinn and Jack Zufelt, as well as many other experts in Wealth and personal self development. These expert speakers have increased my knowledge and wealth.

    I will be with this company for a lifetime, and would recommend it for anyone. Again, no free lunch, not a get rich quick scheme, you must follow the system and do the work to be successful. I have trained many people to be successful in this business, and I could train you also.

    Never, never give up on your dreams and goals, persistence and determination will pay off, it did for me and it will work for you.

    To find out more about me visit: haveittodayray.com and myspace.com/raylanfear.

    I'm an open book, 64 years old, and will always tell you the truth.
    Feel free to call or contact me , should you have questions about this business.

    Warm Regards and God Bless

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    Re: Profit Masters

    Avoid dealing with this spammer.

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    Re: Profit Masters

    well said boris. Amazing how they keep on coming back, isnt it? There must be some SERIOUSLY mentally challenged people on these threads wo read all the bad PR and STILL go ...'urrr like... I dunno wilma, its ony 10,000 smacker... it must work or they wouldnt charge so much...durrrrr lets give it a go... rmortgage the house...durrrr"

    maybe they deserve it, Boris.

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    Re: Profit Masters

    Jim Rivas is 100% fake and a lier.

    Once he gets your money you'll be history, as he moves on to the next sucker!!!

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    Re: Profit Masters

    What is the actual product of Profit Master?
    Yes, I know I can't spell. I just type to fast, don't care and don't have enough time to spell check.
    So please judge my post on content, not spelling.

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    Re: Profit Masters

    Quote Originally Posted by Wishyouknew View Post
    What is the actual product of Profit Master?
    People are the product.

    Rip them off. And then look for new people to rip off.

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    Re: Profit Masters

    profit masters is one of the biggest scams out there. its a pyramid scheme and only a matter of time till this mob is out of business stay well clear.

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