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    Cherry Tree Bulldogs


    Im posting on behalf of a friend of mine who has been taken for a ride by Cherry Tree Bulldogs. They are basically a bulldog breeding operation and said to offer sales of bulldogs, stud services and so on.

    Last year he paid them a 600 payment for a bulldog, long story short a lot of lies were told and he did not get this bulldog or a full refund. He did successfully purchase a bulldog from them a year earlier but a recent check of the dogs micro chip has revealed its not from the back ground he was told.

    In response he has set up a website explaining the situation and to warn others to take care when dealing with people like this.

    The address for the site is www.cherrytreebulldogscam.com

    Already there's been a few others that have come forward with similar experiences and would urge any one here effected to contact him via the website.

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    Re: Cherry Tree Bulldogs

    He's just asked me to add that he has been in touch with the police and action fraud and is trying to build up evidence so he can take them to court. The website will be updated with more up to date details within the next couple of days.

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