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    The Bear Guest

    Epicure Selections


    I'm thinking about starting a home business as an Epicure Consultant. Has anybody heard anything about it, the good, the bad or the ugly? ;)

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    Re: Epicure Selections

    What does the job involve?

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    Spice Girl Guest

    Re: Epicure Selections

    It's not a job, it's a home based business in Canada-hasn't come to the US yet. I am a consultant, and it's a very good opportunity...the product is awesome!


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    Re: Epicure Selections

    How nice...The Bear and Spice Girl are the same person!

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    Re: Epicure Selections

    This is a pyramid scheme. You purchase your start up package and if you don't sell so much in the first month, they don't send you updated emails for selling. They also don't let you know that you have to pay a fee every year for the honour of selling this way over priced product line. They don't respond to any issues via online and you have to contact 'customer experience' which they try and scheme more money from you. Beware, beware, beware. They are no different from any of the amway, herbalife, etc pyramid scheme companies.

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    Re: Epicure Selections

    Never heard about it but it does not have a lot of positive reviews I must say.

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