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    slambam Guest

    Consumer Offer Source?

    Anybody familiar with this? It looks like Nuitech layout, but addres says CT. Any idea who they are?


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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    It's a SCAM- don't do it

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    It's not NT. Different layout, different contact info.

    macphisto, have you or someone you know personally dealt with them, to say that they are a scam?

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    Yes I completed the Macbook Pro site 3-4 months ago and still havent recieved credit for any of my offers. They don't have any customer service. They don't pay out- STAY AWAY

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    Here is the original thread on them.

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    i finished all the requirements for this scam weeks ago and still haven't had any clear. any advice contact number etc...???

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    This is the only info I have found:
    PO Box 202651
    New Haven, CT 06520

    This place is what brought me to this site, to see if it was legit. Since nobody seems to be getting any answers from BBB etc., what I would do is write them a letter and cc your state's Attorney General as well as the FTC - its how I have managed to get results from similar companies.

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    Re: Consumer Offer Source?

    These guys are definately a ripoff!! I did all the offers and they never posted a one as completed. Now they have gone off the web and started sending out offers as consumeroffersource.net instead of . com
    STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS AND INFORM ANY ONE YOU CAN ABOUT THEM. I have done a lot of others with good results, this is the first time in two years that I got ripped off and I am really cheezed off about it. Anyone out there have any way to report these guys to the sponsors, lemmeno. thanks

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