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    Is Anyone familiar with......

    Ivans, Inc.

    I'm getting a job offer from them and I want to be sure they're a legitimate company. They say they're located in Florida. I looked at the Internet and it comes up, but I still need reassurance.


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    Re: Is Anyone familiar with......

    It's most likely a scam, not a legit job offer. I get at least one of those emails each week. What they're trying to do is get your personal info which they can then sell off to other scumbags OR worse yet, they use that info to attempt identity theft.

    They sometimes use names of legit companies so when people go to the websites, they think it must be the real deal. Often the companies are foreign to make it more difficult for you to verify things. Sometimes, they re-direct you to a website that gathers seemingly harmless things like shopping preferences, etc. Then you get hit with a ton of spam.

    Delete the bastards. And whatever you do, don't send them any info.

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