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    iprofit ebook package

    I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of this company. It is only $29.95 to join and I am thinking of doing this from home. Has anyone tried this and does it really work? Are there any other costs other than the $29.95?
    There is also a program called iprofit niche program, that one is around the same price and it looks good too. I'm not sure which one to try.

    Any feedback would be greatly apprectiated.

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    Re: iprofit ebook package

    Try neither. These scammy ebook systems are worthless.

    if you order before Midnight,

    February 7, 2007
    This is cheat script that tells you that their price is $29.99 expires at midnight date x. But to anybody with a little of programming knowledge it say they they set current day as day x every time. iprofit.com is lying to you right there.

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