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    I just want to make money!

    I just want to make money! Why is everything scams these days? I get a package in the mail that has all these post cards on making money mailing letters, making money mailing post cards, making money giving away "free" hotel rooms etc but why doesn't anyone come out with a way to really make money that isn't harming someone else? Forget Nigerian scam letters, we have our own here constantly every day with all this mailing letters lies. Even the google idea doesn't really work, I've tried to be an affiliate for other companies and advertise their products using google but I only lost money, even thought they said you can "make big bucks" doing that.. same with commision junction+adwords, it's a completely bogus world anymore, what happened to honesty and integrity and helping others out instead of feeding off everyone leeching their money and giving nothing in return like the "rich jerk" does? =( It's already bad enough that I am unable to get job and have never had parents who would plan for my future or invest in me in any way to be sure I know what to do when I grow up, but now I have complete strangers robbing me left and right with lies! This world is truely a sad place anymore with all these pirates and scam artists.

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    Re: I just want to make money!

    I have been scammed many times by different things. I know exactly what you mean. However I do know of something that will make you money, not everything we do is run by crooks. I have been looking for years and really feel good about what I do now. I hope you find that peace inside as well.

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    Re: I just want to make money!

    try one of the products from testonlinejobs.com he sounds like you

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    Re: I just want to make money!

    You just want to make money? Did you try this:
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    Re: I just want to make money!

    We ALL want to make money, but come on..... do you HONESTLY think these so-called LEGIT OFFERS are going to make you wealthy?

    The only thing that will make you wealthy is winning the big lottery, inheiriting money from the grandparents, or simply starting your own business, based on what you are passionate about, NOT just sitting around expecting miracles to happen via online offers.

    I'll bet each of you out there are pretty cool people who have an interest or skill that they could put to good use in a way that may not make you another Bill Gates, but surely will allow you to pay the bills and feel HAPPY - isn't that what it's all about?

    It amazes me how many folks here confuse common sense with just plain greed.

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    Re: I just want to make money!

    Well said CommonWisdom - great first post!

    As for MikeEdwards - stop spamming - it's about time Clickbank had a zero tolerance policy towards any affiliate spamming forums with their Clickbank links!

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