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    Diesel Care and Performance - Ripoff artists

    Never in my life have I been screwed like I was when I bought allegedly new fuel injectors for my truck from Diesel Care and Performance, Inc. of Memphis TN. To say I have a complaint is an understatement. The are also known as DCP, Inc. These were the worst quality parts I have ever seen. They were total junk and were defective in more ways than one. The seemed like used parts that were cleaned up and sold as new. I asked to be compensated for my time due to the defective parts and my request was flatly refused. I politely asked for a refund but was treated extremely rude and the refund was flatly refused. I can go on and on about this frustrating incident but let me just say DO NOT buy from Diesel Care & Performance - they are crooks and scam artists of the worst order!!! PS, google Diesel Care and Performance and you will see the many victims who were scammed by this outfit - you will see many complaints against Diesel Care and Performance BEWARE!
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    Re: Diesel Care and Performance - Ripoff artists

    DONT BUY!!!

    Crooked business practice.

    These guys couldn't care less about customer service or selling a good product.
    My 05 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke was running rough and bought their Injector super kit with glow plugs off Ebay. The kit is supposedly 03-07
    BE CAREFUL!!! the glow plugs off 03 DO NOT work on 05. Long story short we lost a cylinder and think it may be due to wrong size glow plug and faulty injectors.
    Fast forward couple months I had to pay upwards of $6k to rebuild engine and reinstall injectors. 6 out of 8 have failed. This whole time I was in contact with their " customer service " department and told them I need time to sort this out. Their reply was you haven't returned cores with in 30 days so your warranty is void. It doesn't matter that we sold you the wrong parts and a shit product, warranty is void.
    If I didn't have my stock injectors to use after theirs failed I wouldn't have any way to test.
    Its been 4 months and well over $7000 of labor, parts, and troubleshooting.

    THANKS DIESEL CARE!! Awesome service and an Awesome quality product.

    Check out all of their feedback on Ebay, especially the negative feedback.
    Also have tons of pics documenting all this for you fellow Yelpers in a tight spot with the beloved Ford 6.0


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