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Homeowner James "Jim" Duguay and Kathleen Teare, Atlanta Partners Property Management, located at 1745 North Brown Road, Suite 150, Lawrenceville, GA Georgia 30043, (678) 597-5888 rented a townhome to my family at 3177 Corner Oak Drive, Norcross, GA 30071.

Based on my family's experience with these people, it is our opinion that they are a couple of con artists who scammed my family out of thousands of dollars in rent for a house that should not have been on the market in the first place. We feel like they stole our money and left us to deal with their problems.

The structural foundation of this house was built in such a way that causes repeated floods throughout the time we stayed there. This house also sits at a low point on the land so 3177 gets other people's runoff during rain or flood. And the house was built cheaply with the sewage system draining under the house, rather than away from it as is the norm. The owner and the agent were well aware of the flooding problems and failed to disclose that to us at the time of rental, which is against housing laws in Georgia. Yes, we are going to sue them. This house would have to be rebuilt from scratch or undergo major reconstruction to prevent the type of flooding we experienced. The house flooded whenever it rained because the gutters, piping and drainage were shot to hell. Then there was massive flooding downstairs anytime we showered. Then there was the most disgusting flood of all - a sewage explosion all over the downstairs bathroom which overflowed into the living room, DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, from the front of the house all the way to the back. It was worst thing I'd ever seen.

What's worse is that there were other problems in this house as well. Living at 3177 Corner Oak Drive was one hellish nightmare after the next. The owner James "Jim" Duguay and Kathleen Teare could not have possibly cared any less. They only did what was in their best interest and at their own pace.

My family was as flexible and understanding as possible, mainly because we did not want the inconvenience of having to move. But after experiencing numerous back-to-back problems with the house, we decided enough was enough. We had to take the loss of moving the family after only being at 3177 Corner Oak Drive for just over a year! Not to mention, it was an expensive move that we did not even have time to prepare for. That's when the con artists turned to a-holes. The owner James "Jim" Duguay and Agent Kathleen Teare of Atlanta Partners Property Management forced a decision to demolish a portion of the house WHILE WE WERE STILL IN IT, BASICALLY RENDERING US HOMELESS! And they made NO OFFER to provide alternate accommodations. MOLD had grown all throughout the crawlspace under the stairs. They brought in countless loud industrial construction machines during the repairs and kept them running 24/7. Construction dust, sewage debris and mold residue was blown all over our furniture, dishware, book library; contaminating thousands of dollars in personal property. It also made me sick. I ended up contracted a rash over the areas of my body that were exposed when we entered the property on the day the demolition took place. When Kathleen Teare threatened to hold us responsible for the damage to the house, we felt like we were under total duress and had no choice but to allow them to begin the work. Still we had no idea of the extent of the demolition they would do while we were at work. We returned home to a house that had been torn apart and left to dry. The machine were so loud, we could not hear each other speak. To be treated in this way was just unconscionable.

Kathleen Teare added insult to injury by accusing us of trying to swindle money out of them when we complained of the conditions. I mean these ruthless heathens are beyond respite. I would NEVER EVER do business with Kathleen Teare, James Duguay, Atlanta Partners Property Management or anyone that is even remotely affiliated with these thugs. Furthermore, they only patched over the problem superficially to sell it, but the cheap shoddy and location of the property are the real culprits, so the next set of occupants will likely have ongoing flooding and mold issues as well.

If you are thinking about buying or renting 3177 Corner Oak Drive, Norcross, GA 30071, think again. There are an unlimited number of houses you could choose from. No matter how cute they make the house LOOK, it's a nightmare waiting for the next set of victims to move in. Why take the risk of having an experience anywhere near ours? And I'll tell you right now, the owner James "Jim" Duguay will turn his back on you because he is a heartless S.O.B. that only wants to get rid of that house. Don't be fooled by all the pretty fixes like the cheap paint job or plastic light fixtures.

If you thinking about doing business with Kathleen Teare or Atlanta Partners Property Management LLC, do yourself a favor and find a company that actually has great reviews INDEPENDENT OF THEIR OWN WEBSITE.