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    Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    I purchased a roulette computer device from a person calling himself Forester from myrulet.com and rouletteplace.com. The device is supposed to predict where the roulette ball will land. It does not work as advertised on real casino wheels, and I have been banned from his forum for complaining. This roulette computer is a scam and must be avoided. It is normal for someone to stretch the truth about their product a little bit, but Miro Zirdum (aka "Forester") said he had players that had made hundreds of thousands of dollars and have such vast amounts of cash that they have trouble going through airport terminals. This is complete bull and when I got access to his private support forum, no such people existed. I also read that he knew players that have made millions and were featured in newspapers, and again I saw no evidence of this once I purchased the product.

    I have since done extensive research and found others have been in the same situation but I didn't know about it earlier because people who have complained as I have were removed from the vendor's forum. Under the threat of also being banned, I have privately discussed that other purchasers also feel the same and that the advertiser has lied about his product. The vendor's real name is Miro Zirdum but he calls himself the alias Forester.

    My problem with the product is that it does not accurately predict where the ball will fall on real casino wheels. It works very well in the DVDs he supplies as they show spins from old and tattered wheels. I have since learnt that a roulette computer device is not even required for these wheels because they are heavily biased. This causes the ball to hit a specific metal deflector pin very often and deflect the ball in a predictable way. This makes the predictions very easy and accurate. I have tested this product on approximately 15 real wheels spread throughout Europe, and not one has been suitable like in his DVDs.

    For the roulette computer to be successful, it requires the ball to fall in a very predictable manner, and the vendor failed to disclose this. Instead he presents various technical information that makes his computer seem accurate within a fraction of a millisecond because he apparently used special hardware. This is just a sales pitch and I saw no evidence of his hardware being special.

    I first came into contact with Forester after researching one of his competitors. I was told by Forester that he is a roulette computers are the most accurate, and all others are scams. He sent me to various links he claims prove everything he said. It all seemed credible although I did not understand it. Now that I do understand it, it is clear that the information presented by Forester's competitors is actually accurate, and his device can only function accurately on a very limited range of wheels.

    I have also come into contact with several other roulette players who have found the exact same thing. One of them was also banned from Forester's roulette computer forum at rouletteplace.com.

    I advise anyone considering purchasing this device to think twice I purchased the top FFA version because the vendor told me it was tested by a casino consultant that allegedly claimed it was "deadly accurate". This was a gross distortion of the truth because the tester of the device claimed it was deadly accurate only if you didn't consider what happens when the ball actually falls. Shame on you Zirdum.

    Perhaps I should have known better and should have done better research. But I was buying a technical product and was tricked by technical jargon and claims I didn't understand from the vendor. But I clearly do understand now is his claims were false and nobody can make money from this device. I am not going to post links but suggest everyone interested does their own research because there are detailed reviews about what this device does and its shortcomings. The review is written by a man called Steven Hourmouzis whom Forester openly criticises all over his forum. Mr Hourmouzis has a rather tarnished reputation from Forester, likely because he actually tells the truth on his roulette system review website. The review as anyone that has the devices can tell you is spot on accurate.

    The seller lives in Australia and I have reported him to https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/content/index.phtml/tag/reportascam/ and my local police.
    My official claims are that:

    - He mislead me about the sophistication of his device and its ability to predict roulette spins in actual wheels from casinos

    - He lied about the comparison between visual ballistics and his device. He claimed his device was immeasurably more accurate when the accuracy is exactly the same, squat on the real wheels being used by casinos. Visual ballistics is a technique where a roulette player can get predictions just by using eyesight but you need a very old tattered wheel for you to work.

    - He lied about the success of his players. He claimed that many people had made fortunes with his device, and that some of them had the trouble of being unable to pass through airport terminals because they were carrying too much cash as a result of his roulette computer. But when I got onto his player forum, no such play existed, and when I asked about it he said the player didn't wanted to attend the forum because he was too scared people would know who he was.

    I have further discuss the matter with other victims but each of them have been told the Australian government does not pursue such gambling product fraud because there is simply too much of it, and it is up to the buyer to protect themselves. But they were also told if enough people complain about it, then the government needs to take action. So if you were scammed by this man, please report into scam watch in Australia

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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    Go away scammer! You must be Steve Hourmouzes, or Mark Howe.


    At site is clearly explained and published results of survey. If MyRulet publishes results as that why you say he claims something different. In addition, roulette computers at rouletteplace.com are products, which members developed for themselves.
    That is why they are always ahead. It is kind of open source as Android for mobile phones.

    On the other side Steve Hourmouzis from genuine winner was already jailled for 2 years for scamming people http://rouletteplace.com/index.php?topic=879.0 (google it) and Mark Howe is not worth commenting.

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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    I bought ffz and havent profited anything with it. For the time being Ill stay anonymous because Forester will probably ban me too from his forum

    Heres a sample from his private support forum to show I am who I say. This is from his private forum only for customers.

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Just a brief explanation about new development.
    Currently the Acrobat have set sample spins, when predicts it searches through all spins finds the best 2 and predicts based on the closest one to ball clocked speed. In some occasions it uses and second result. For example; 1100 ms ball leads the ball to dd 3
    1150 ms leads the ball to DD12
    When we play and clock the ball around 1025 1125ms the system uses 2 results and predicts with an average. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    I havent been able to win anything with FFZ. I understand it and am using it properly.

    I have tested with wheels with good scatter but the accuracy of predictions are still bad.

    I have lost money from just betting randomly to stay at the table. I never actually get to the point where I make computer prediction bets because the results are showing I wont profit anyway

    I have communicated with almost every player in the support forum and I cant find anyone making money but the survey results on his sales website say that players win this each year:

    14% earn $100,000+
    11% about $50,000
    22% about $10,000

    This is outrageous manipulation.

    Also what the original poster said about the casino testing is true (I sent you a message). Forester sells his computer by saying it is the only roulette computer considered by casinos as a threat to them. This is another outrageous lie because they actually said:

    [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Time will tell if there is a viable threat to modern well-maintained roulette wheels but at this stage the FF device is not it.]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    I cannot find a single person on his own forum that comes close to winning even about $10,000 each year, much less $50,000 or even over $100,000

    The support and development forums are mostly about how he can fix the computer, and about how every competitor is a scam. It is just not working for anyone.

    This is is just another gambling device scam. He is lying about people making money and even lying about what casinos said about his product.

    The only person making money is Forester. I have reported this to the fraud squad and waiting for reply. If anyone else is in the same situation, please send me a forum message and maybe we can put this guy behind bars

    His business address is Zirdum M 14 Rabaul St Moorooka 4105 and Telephone (07) 3392 9496 if anyone interested.

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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    Heres some of what the casinos really said about the computer. It has since been deleted by forester.


    It is not me saying that your device doesn't predict enough, it's not me saying that the predictions are close to random, it's not me saying that the predictions are too late to be practical. It is an intelligent adult who has your PowerPoint presentation and video plus some tips from me. I am reporting what he reports to me.

    You are not averaging 25% on turnover on a random wheel and nor are any of your purchasers, please don't insult me by insisting that you are.

    Can you honestly tell me that FF has produced a significant long term profit for you?

    You are correct, I am frustrated because I believed the device would at least show promise in the testers hands. I felt foolish for having them waste their time at my recommendation.

    This was the last report from the tester.

    I asked:-

    "Is there a consistent correlation between the prediction_zap and the number under the ball just prior to it entering the rotor?"

    The reply was:-

    "From my testing, no better than random, full report a couple of days away. I
    would like to try a different wheel, just to make sure. "


    And they also said this about Forester's forum and other players...............

    Non of the people on his forum are able to get an edge in the real world, if they were, they would also keep their mouths shut.

    At what stage do we call it a dud, how much more time are you prepared to invest?

    Miro, I simply don't have the time or inclination to test this device myself, it's simply a case of where my time is best spent.

    I have no hesitation in eating my words and apologizing publicly if you and he are able to get a result.

    By using me on your website and spreading my name all over industry forums and anywhere else that you thought it would help you, you left me no choice but to report what I found

    I dont think I'm getting my money back but hopefully I can save other people from another scam
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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    Thanks rmed I replied to your message and thankyou for the additional information.

    Its the first time Ive seen it but I knew about barnett's testing and I read some of his comments that are similar but not those other ones you posted yet.

    I already contacted everywhere about him but like I said the Australian consumer authorities wont pursue gambling product sellers. I figure its because it can become a big messy and expensive case with testing if the product actually works.

    Its not over and we arent the only people who bought it. Forester lied about barnett's testing and like you said too I never found a single person winning with it. That at the very least is fraudulent advertising.

    There's an option of a trading tribunal in his state. Check your email and let me know what you think. Also please respond to the email instead of here.
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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

    And hey forester, nobody here gives a hoot about your stupid competitors. You cant explain your lies away by calling unhappy customers competitors. Is it how you treat all your customers or only the unhappy ones? Explain it all away with a made up survey?

    I have communicated with almost every player in the support forum and I cant find anyone making money but the survey results on his sales website say that players win this each year:

    14% earn $100,000+
    11% about $50,000
    22% about $10,000
    I hope more of your customers see this and wake up too.

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    Re: Roulette Computer Scam Myrulet.com Forester Rouletteplace.com

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