Shortly before the Illuminati will blame Russia for the Boston marathon false flag staged with actors, using the "Chechen brothers" script ...
... a reminder.

The same Prophet who explained first in 1999 and so far only the battle of Armageddon

March 24 2013, 14 years to the day that the Battle of Armageddon began, as at 8 PM GMT NATO alias NATziO started bombing Belgrade, Serbia.

Some of the milestones of the Battle of Armageddon:
- 31 December 1999: Angelic Vladimir Putin becomes President of Russia, hours before the illuminati's planned "Y2K glitch" of a nuke over Moscow and Volgograd.

- 2002: illuminati agents totally defeated in Chechnya

- 2004, 26 December: Indian Ocean tsunami wipes out the Diego Garcia atoll, together with the illuminati strategic bombers, planned to be used in a full scale nuclear attack against Russia, on December 28 2004.

- 2006, Crimea, Ukraine: for the first time in the Battle of Armageddon NATziO mercenaries are expelled from a position that they had previously occupied.

- 2008, war launched for the first time ever in Ancient or Modern History at the time of the Olympic Games.
Days after the illuminati attack the battles of South Ossetia and Abkhazia ended with a total illuminati defeat.

- 2008, November: 5 months after systemic collapse in July, illuminati launch the last non-military possible attack, Financial Armageddon.
Three months later they retreated in disarray.

- 2010, Ukraine: the end of the battle of the Ukraine, the illuminati are totally defeated.

(1) Financial Armageddon