The Wave Series by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

The Wave is a term used to describe a Macro-cosmic Quantum Wave Collapse producing both a physical and a "metaphysical" change to the Earth's cosmic environment theorized to be statistically probable sometime in the early 21st century. This event is variously described by other sources as the planetary shift to 4th density, shift of the ages, harvest etc., and is most often placed around the end of 2012. The subject of The Wave begins with a UFO abduction account, a transcript of an actual hypnotic regression session, that refers to a global cataclysmic change.

This series of articles, written by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, demonstrates the unique nature of the Cassiopaean Experiment. In her skillful collecting of the pieces of the puzzle from throughout the transcripts, in-depth research, personal experiences, weaving them into a finished product, Laura brings added depth and dimension to the original transmissions. Laura presents what the Cassiopaeans - We are YOU in the future - have to say about the eventuality of The Wave - FROM the future - including an exploration of the limitations of man's present estate, in cognitive, biological, historical and ontological terms.

Laura writes:

I began writing the Wave Series and other articles as a way of collecting excerpts together in general subjects. As I did this, a truly extraordinary thing began to happen. The Cassiopaean Experiment had resulted in transmissions from myself "in the future," and I realized that by doing the suggested research, by digging for the answers based on the clues given me, I was BECOMING myself in the future - a cosmic self. I began to see what I had been trying to convey to myself from this superconscious state. The years of experimental work had created a new circuit wherin it was possible to simply ask a question in my mind about the subject at hand, and the answer would flow through my fingers onto the keyboard. I was often as amazed at what came out as anyone. I asked the C's (myself in the future) about it in the September 23rd, 2000 session, and here was what they said:

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