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    Waco 2013: OKC 1995 fertilizer at 20th anniversary of Illuminati public child sacrifice by fire: End of Marathon Series exposed BEFORE atomic bomb

    Waco 2013 illustrates "Hidden in plain sight" by not stating the obvious or the expected
    "Hidden in plain sight" also means NOT stating the obvious, whether it is what is visible or what is well known.
    April 16th 1947: Texas Fertilizer explosion kills 581 people.
    66 years .6 days later the illuminati end the April 19th and Patriot's day series with the Illuminati joke "Huge explosion at Waco fertilizer plant".
    All "reports" ommited this fact, an illustration of other meanings for "Hidden in plain sight" besides the obvious method of openly stating or showing it.
    The joke is about morphing into a new one two previous operations of the April 19th series: Oklahoma City Bombing 1995 and Waco assault 1993.

    Another illustration is the omission of the exact time for the explosion: April 17 2013 at "around 7:50 local time".
    This is obvioulsy to be later precised as 9:11 EST (New York, United Nations, symbol for illuminati World). The larger the gap (in this case 21 minutes) the stronger will be the proof for the illuminati religion.

    Waco 2013: OKC 1995 "fertilizer" at 20th anniversary of Illuminati public child sacrifice by fire: End of Marathon Series exposed BEFORE atomic bomb
    The "West, Texas" explosion was designed solely for visual and sound efffects at an abandoned town.
    Town is named West for the first script headlines, meant to be read minus comma or "West Texas" : 'Large Swath of West, Texas "Leveled"'.
    The message repeated by non-stop illuminati TV "news" channels, in the words of the "first responder" playing deliberately actor: "an ATOMIC bomb ... no a bomb".
    This illustrates again the illuminati religion:
    - maximize gap between reality and the illusion offered to the human cattle (ATOMIC or endless deception);
    - maximize "hidden in plain sight", in this case the obvious use: deliberately acting to tell as openly as possible that it is an illusion.

    Wheelchairs again as predicted by Prophet Matt
    so far absolutely no mention of "Blade Gunner/Runner" Pistorius in any "report" about the Boston Marathon 2013, although it was all about runners and amputations: again "Hidden in plain sight" by omission.
    The "aftermath" of "West, Waco" explosion 2013 is celebrated the SAME way as the Boston marathon "bombs: wheelchairs moved around the stage set.
    Maximizing the obvious use of "hidden in plain sight" isn't the ONLY goal for this remake within 60 hours.
    Timeline - Reminder:
    1. All series end with fake blood and fake deaths by fake bombs at abandoned schools (Sandy Hook "shootings") and towns (Waco "fertilizer" explosion) .
    2. Shortly after comes the BIG BANG, starting with the amputation of the human cattle.

    (1) The End of Marathon Series (Patriot's Day, April 19th sacrifice day and beyond): Waco 2013 script was EXPLAINED BEFORE it happened

    Also as reply in first page to the first page explaining the Boston Marathon / JFK Library false flag.

    (2) Abandoned town, West, Texas - as expected from the Laws of Reductionism, Google Earth is all YOU need to prove it.
    Unlike the abandoned Sandy Hook school, YOU no longer need to visit Newtown to confirm the hoax for yourself.

    ===> posted April 17, 6:27 AM, BEFORE WACO 2013

    Finish line of April 19th Marathon series: it ends with fake blood and deaths by fake bombs

    April 19th, an occult fire sacrifice day. All of these events involve blood letting and death. Some also involve fire.
    Baal and Moloch, worshipped by the satanic illuminati, are sometimes thought to be the same.
    Moloch is celebrated at the Bohemian Grove. Both or a single god by different names, are associated with blood sacrifice and fire.
    All executed around that date:
    the Waco assault (April 19, 1993) the Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995) and the Virginia Tech massacre (April 16, 2007).
    As expected from the Laws of End Time Reductionism (google it), at the finish line of this Marathon series, it is all reduced to fake blood and fake deaths by fake bombs.

    Patriot's Day, Boston and the END of all series
    Poster writes: "the bombing happened on patriot's day (which no one knows about outside of boston but has been tied in with "tea-party patriots" in the media)".

    Waco 1993 and Viginia Tech 2007 were also executed on Patriot's Day of those years.
    Boston stands for the END of both the "April 19th" and the "Patriot's Day" series and BEYOND: the END of the END.
    1897 first Boston race.
    116 years since the first Boston marathon: Mirrored its 911, Begin and END.

    One of the "bombs" was right by the finish line, therefore this symbolizes the end of illuminati overtime, the BIG BANG in Illuminatziland.
    On that day the process of stripping the human cattle comes to an end, with their legs amputated, starting with the annihilation of ALL bank savings and pension funds.
    The non-stop repeated Boston explosion video starred the flags of ALL nations: it stands for the GLOBAL BIG BANG, the end of the battle of Armageddon, the military attack to Russia and God's angelic warriors around the world, from christian Rwanda to the freedom fighters of Misrata, Libya or Homs, Syria.

    Boston Marathon's BIG BANG "finish" staged with people running around in circles pulling wheelchairs - Amputations - Blade Gunner alias Blade Runner Pistorius, Pistorius storyus has no legs
    High ranking Illuminati (in the know of how it was staged) writes (1):
    Boston (Massacre) T.E.A. Party
    Boston Taxed Enough Already Party
    BOSTON Tax Day Bombing

    Amputations - Let's Blow Their Legs Out From Under Them -->
    Take Away Their Footing, Their FOUNDATION. It's About to Collapse!

    Last Prophet replies:
    There is more than amputations connecting "Oscar Pi-story-us kills model girlfriend" and the "anti-gun control organization strikes at Boston Marathon", two months later.
    Search for Pistorius at
    Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt M
    And don't leave the page before getting what the BIG BANG is all about.

    IV Reich - Terror State
    Reminder of Last Prophet's words from April 2007:
    Virginia Tech = 9/11 upscaled. State Terror and Web of Disinformation, from Waco 1993, OKC 1995 and 9/11 2001 to the campus
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    Re: Waco 2013: OKC 1995 fertilizer at 20th anniversary of Illuminati public child sacrifice by fire: End of Marathon Series exposed BEFORE atomic bomb

    SPAIN - santiago de Compostela - TRAIN DERAILMENT *** totally staged with actors *** - Not 70 but ZERO victims

    This hoax is part of the series "West Waco, Texas - Lac Megantic, Quebec - Paris Bertigny, France" totally staged with actors, where only the first event was not staged with trains, April 17th 2013.

    Video of "derailment" (and "explosion" which at this point illuminati media does not mention although it is intentionally visible) TOTALLY produced by computer graphics using a real train approaching the curve.
    Released one day later, allowing the time for the special effects team to produce it.
    Exactly like 911, where the "live planes" were only a few pixels and the videos of the "planes" were released days later.

    Poster asks (1) :
    "why would you stage train derailment of too fast moving train ???"
    Last Prophet replies:
    Because all this series of "accidents" will be soon "exposed" as "terror bombings" and blamed on "anti-gun control" in the US and "far right" extremists in the EU, part of the BIG BANG with martial law in the USA, EU, Canada, Australia.

    All explained by Last Prophet hours after West Waco, the last event of the April 19th series and simultaneously the first event of this series.
    or see first (previous) post above.

    (1) Video exposed seconds after it was released

    911 2001 "live" videos:

    "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it,
    and eventually they will believe it
    Adolf Hitler, who shortly after would become F├╝hrer of the III Reich

    One of the reasons that almost all illuminati scripts are now TOTALLY reduced to actors:
    Captain Jean Luc Picard played by Sir Patrick Stewart, not only the the first sir but in fact the first man EVER to be married by himself, alias Gandalf played by the first gay sir Ian McKellen, alias the champion of freedom in the loser role for US President, Dr Ron Paul:
    More than 90% of the world population is ruled by Alexander ADOLPH HITLER, born 1940.

    BIG BANG: fake suicide bombers detonate, supervised race war whites v non-whites launched, pensions and savings of human cattle annihilated.
    Fake identities Barack Hussein Obama II, Mario Jorge Bergoglio, Ben Shalom Bernanke ** ALL ** DETONATE NOW as suicide bombers

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    Re: Waco 2013: OKC 1995 fertilizer at 20th anniversary of Illuminati public child sacrifice by fire: End of Marathon Series exposed BEFORE atomic bomb

    End Times Reductionism: reduce first post by erasing this line: " ... the military attack to Russia ... ".
    No more.

    2014 Sochi Olympics: The REAL story was exposed the day illuminati gave the Games to the REAL Putin, murdered 2010
    Illuminati gave the Games to Russia because it was was originally planned as a trap to the real Putin:
    - have Putin build the infrastructure and later, shortly before the Games, "expose" a corruption scandal: "Putin had paid millions to members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to get the Games.
    Games would be assigned to another country providing the required infrastructure.

    VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
    Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


    As for the SUPPRESSED TRUTH, some censored links of first post survived in webarchive:

    A school with ZERO students
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