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    Want to know why most Network Marketing programs don't work?*

    Want to know why most Network Marketing programs don't work?*
    Looking to make business friends with true leaders and serious marketer

    1. People looking for get rich programs
    2. lazy and watching TV all day eating bom bom and smoking all day
    3. Taking no Action
    4. Over Priced crap
    5. lousy leaders
    6. Over hyped training and junk.
    7. High turnover in most programs

    This is why I stay away from 99% of the programs and sponsors and so called leaders. I have no time for people like this and how bad the American work ethic has become. 98% are not made to be a Entrepreneur.*

    Please a leave comment on what you think of are articles or our blog.
    I am tired of garbage;.... some.... just...don't... get it. Everyone seems to be looking for the next "pie in the sky", get rich quick deal, and go from one failed program to the next . I have learned that people join with people who know where they are going, who genuinely care about them; not someone who jumps from deal to deal, looking to make money OFF them instead of WITH them. Join a TEAM that is focused on YOUR success, not the next "deal"

    Michael Ladd

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    Re: Want to know why most Network Marketing programs don't work?*

    Even when opportunity seekers see real network business online that works they fail to stay and work the system because of their mind set of get rich quick syndrome. These set of people form the bulk of 98% that fail online
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