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Thread: Mate Jewellery

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    Mate Jewellery

    Hey all, I'm new here, and I love this site!! Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Mate Jewellery... please help because i've sent them 80 bucks and need to know if I'm being scammed!! Please help, I'm desperate!! :mad:

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    For how long have you been waiting?

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    your $80 dollars just went down the toilet. but if you have 10 hours a day to make 3 bracelets well then go ahead.

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    it is time consuming. but you don't get back your $80 .my friend said that you have to purchase the items which cost lots of bucks.

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Mate Jewellery is a SCAM. I checked the Ontario BBB and they have lots of complaints. They are not recommended by the BBB. It also looks like they are less than a year old company although their brochure says they exist since 1983. The web site whois shows that they registered by proxy so their personal info is hidden. Also domain name is only 7 months old. All the basic signs are there for them to be a scam. Try to make a stop payment on check if you sent one. Ask credit card company to reverse charge if you paid by credit card.

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Fight for your money back. Next time check them out first as I did. advertising removed has good info on how to spot a scam and how the check out a company before sending them your hard earned money. Never pay someone that says they will pay you for your work later. Mate Jewellery is a SCAM. I checked the Ontario BBB and they have lots of complaints. They are not recommended by the BBB. It also looks like they are less than a year old company although their brochure says they exist since 1983. The web site whois shows that they registered by proxy so their personal info is hidden. Also domain name is only 7 months old. All the basic signs are there for them to be a scam. Never pay someone that says they will pay you for your work later.
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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    thanks all for the replies... i'll know better next time!

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    EarninganHonestliving Guest

    Re: Mate Jewellery

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Ugh!! I didn't get taken for the 79.70 from Mate Jewellery but I just about did......sheesh. I googled mate jewellery to look to see where the jewellery was being sold etc and found this website. Soooooo glad I did!! However get taken for 34.95 .........at least it is starting to look that way. My husband and I bought a "directory" from The Canadian Homeworker Review and Mate Jewellery was listed in it. I'm just now researching other companies listed in this directory and I have the feeling they are all the same....scam after scam.......grrrrrrrrr. I just wanted a way to make some extra money while being a stay at home mom......just doesn't seem possible in this day and age.

    I know better.....if it sounds too good to be true it probably is......

    I'm off to search this site for my "directory".......

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Sounds like you are better off making your own jewelry like I did and trying to sell it. It'd probably be a lot more fun because you can make your own styles, and cheaper than putting out a ridiculous amount of money for something that could probably be made for a whole lot less.
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    Patricia Lynne's Treasures
    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
    It's my store! I got it up (almost gotta add a few items and spell check LOL) I got domain hosting and email accounts. I sent out my application for sales tax. I'm so excited. Also check out my blog at myspace page

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    I think Mate Jewellery is the same as Bela and they have had some other names in the past. When I first signed up for one of them, I completed the bracelets as soon as I could (it took me FOREVER) but I did get a cheque in the mail which I deposited quickly (it did not bounce). So of course I ran out and got some more beads...even though it took me a long time to finish the first set. By the time I had completed the second and sent them in, the package had been returned to me because the company went out of business. Please, please do not sign up for Mate Jewellery. I don't want to see anyone else get scammed by this company. You are better off creating your own jewellery and selling it on Ebay.


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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Am I ever glad I saw this Thread about Mate Jewellery!!!
    Just received a letter from them today telling me I could receive a $570.00 cheque every week to make beaded bracelets at a one time cost of $79.90 for the kit.
    All the "junk info" I received from them is now in the garbage. I am so glad I saw this posting!!!!!

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    well I got suckered in and I sent the money. I just called my bank and they said because it was posted I can't get it back and that was on credit card. So nothing much I can do. Sucks. And yes it was with Mate Jewellery as well. Bastards. If I get the bracelets I'm just going keep them. Why send them back done if I'm not going to get paid.

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    i am so glad i decided to look them up on google first. Thanks for all your posts. they helped me decide NOT to send them my money.

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    Well I just have to say thanks to everyone for all the information. I just got a letter in the mail today from them and I figured I better google this. As a single parent I am not in any means to give another. :D Have a good day everyone!

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    Re: Mate Jewellery

    well iam one of the many, that got scammed from mate jewellery...SUCKS
    i used my credit card too.. so iam guessing theres no way to get my money back either.....i will NEVER do anything like this again in my life,iam a single mother of my 3 year old daughter and now iam OUT 79.90, which i could use for medication for my daughter..pretty bad , you try to make a few bucks for living and yoU GET SCAMMED..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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