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    911 the truth and the lie

    yea, how very sweet it all turned out for milano, and all the religious lies she used to manipulate the settlement! its nothing but complete coincidence that any #'s have anything to do with 911, and furthermore, do you allow a religion to dictate your reality?(global id 666 by jack van impe??Alyssa?) note: if you heard anyone else other than osama bin laden being responsible for 911 tragedy than know full well that you have just been lied to and any individual spreading these lies is guilty of obstruction of justice and should be placed under arrest!! nothing is more pitiful than someone who uses the vonerabilities of a very emotional, mental, sensitive situation on everybody just to invoke an opportunity to score a pay cheque that does'nt belong to them! i think i'll just slip into the #'s myself and lie to everybody(august 2006, hurry please, i got it all set up just in time to place scott there too"They'll all buy it, look how angry he is livin with losers") and i'll color all the coin my way? guess what? i'm on the best website possible because if there has ever been a scam that trashes justice than this is one of them! what's it like being the only one in hollywood with someone elses cash in your account? knowin everybody else has earned their bank accounts!! you had to deceive the entire public to score your cash alyssa! Know this u.s.a, i had NO PART in 911 and i resent with much disappointment that you could ever have entertained such a horrid and totally obsurde lie such as that! your nation needs justice and healing! you may never have it until the real vermin behind 911 is brought to justice, "osama loserbin laden"! i sympathyze with all who lost loved ones that day, as any one else who would despise terrorist attacks on the innocent! you are in grave error on this one and be sure that anyone who taught lies to deceive you like this has done nothing less than bring curses on any nation that supports this deceit and their best interest's are not for humanity in general, but rather only for themself! she's no yin or yang either! another lie! in no way is her life dictating that she's involved either way! fairy tales and fantasies got pumped down your knowledge trail! oh, you'll always know if your land is cursed or not, by the weather you experience! sudden drastic changes are a symptom that balance is outta wack! 6 talks? everybody all quiet? usa is believing lies as truth! i want my settlement alyssa and i want you to tell america the truth so they don't suffer more unneccessary disasaters!!! she is in no way affiliated with 666 either! or did she lie about all that as well, with claims that she is! alyssa milano is nothing more than a complete con artist who ripped off justice with a knife in the back of the one who cared more about her than any other could ever possess the power to do so! now, i know who she is and has become! remember this mom and dad: its gonna be what i know that helps you re-unite! somebody needs to let her know the scam has been exposed and i would like my cheque now! its over-due!! a sincere apology is in order as well, due to trashin of my kind hearted character! Alyssa, dont let us suffer even more!( lies bring curses and confusion) give me my portion in honesty and you restore your credibility! 911 and scott lindberg/alyssa milano have absolutely no ties to it what so-ever! and that is fact any other ideas are lies! so there it is for all to know! and now that you all know my innocense, do you feel the least bit upset you were blatently lied to? because greed is the real motive that is gettin glory in this!you have completely lied to every one about me alyssa milano and when i get all the keys out of the church it's all gonna change milano! who ever supports you at this time, is to say that lies are a better way of life no matter the curses that follow deceptive works! Signed, a real King who would never accept even 1 cent of settlement cash that someone else had suffered for, and then lie about them as well! you've become a real prize Alyssa, who do you have lined up next to disect with lies and hand over money to you cuz you didn't have enough talent to earn it on your own! truth hurt? don't lie,cheat,and steal what everyone knows full well is mine knowin it was i who has changed this planet for ever!! i belong at the #table and ya all know it! she has changed what her Gramma taught her about it bein important to be nice and nice to be important, to: it is important to tell lies and its my lies that will make me important! you owe me a settlement and an apology Alyssa Milano and i suggest strongly that i receive it! Their children are far more important to them than your lies Alyssa, my settlement now! more from me later!!!

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    Re: 911 the truth and the lie

    Look up the word paragraph.
    The terminally stupid and certifiably insane.

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    Re: 911 the truth and the lie

    Weirdest place I have seen Alyssa Milano's name in.

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    Re: 911 the truth and the lie

    9/11 was an inside job. Bin Laden had nothing to do with it, he a was just an actor for the gov. and that poor chap died from kidney disease, Dec 2001. If you can do any research you will find that the truth seekers and pinned the nail on the "donkeys" and if you know more, their biggest leaders are the global elite who tell the governing bodies what to do or else. how about reading something like http://www.johnkaminski.com you will learn so much from here. There are many truth seekers out there and they know it all. The gov is all behind this. and they follow their leaders the global elite the there are other names for them. There is so much more to this but read the website.

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    Re: 911 the truth and the lie

    Quote Originally Posted by borisf96
    Weirdest place I have seen Alyssa Milano's name in.
    You can say that again. Sounds like someone has a severe personel problem to me.
    "Now is our chance to choose the right side. God is holding back to give us that chance. It won't last forever. We must take it or leave it." -C.S. Lewis

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    Re: 911 the truth and the lie

    I think it's one of those spam emails, you will probably find the word Viagra in there somewhere.

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