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    Illuminati LEADER: his NAME REVEALED WORLDWIDE first in History by Last Prophet Matt Marriott

    End Times Paradox: the End of the Age is the prime time for firsts.
    Last Prophet's words from March 20, 2013:
    Name of current Illuminati LEADER: REVEALED WORLDWIDE first: EVERYBODY KNOWS HIM

    Illuminati leader REVEALS himself shortly before the BIG BANG
    The ILLUMINATI secret society TOTALLY controls media, politcs, justice and economy in the IV Reich.
    The imminent BIG BANG: "Obama"'s detonation, Collapse of Banks (0), supervised race war, Armageddon's showdown with Russia, North Korea, ongoing loss of control of arab, african and south-american neo-colonies.
    The time came for the illuminati to reveal for the first time in their History the name of their current and most probably last leader.

    Accordingly to their religion's principles of "hidden in plain sight" and "endless deception", the illuminati leader revealed himself, March 20 2013, shortly before the BIG BANG.
    LAST PROPHET immediately got it. But did any illuminati member get who their current leader is (1)?

    Several identities with different nationalities, endless array of roles
    The illuminati leader uses several identities with different nationalities, from entertainment to politics, interpreting an endless array of roles.
    His most important role in politics is "he would be elected president of the USA WITHOUT having to rig the election using voting machines software, was it NOT for the fact that he plays the LOSER role in politics".
    Note that this role is exactly what you you might expect from illuminati's religion principle of endless deception.
    One of his identities in entertainment was used to set the milestone officially raising homosexuality to nobility.
    The announcement of March 20, 2013 involves this identity and another of his identities in entertainment.
    The announcement has him in two roles: one with himself and the other with a "sex-bomb", matching what the human cattle would imagine about the illuminati's supreme leader.

    His official first name is [ _ _ TRICK], the identity he used the ONLY time that he played himself or "Number One", in 1995, in a role using ONLY his voice.

    The illuminati announced today that he will become, within days, the first man ever to [ M _ _ _ _ ] himself.
    And that that is the second role announced today.

    Poster "Tom_Jackson" replies (2):
    The name looks like PATRICK.
    The first man to ever [M _ _ _ _ ] narrows it a bit because, by my count, there are very few five-letter words beginning with M that make grammatical sense. A few are "marry" "merge" "match" "mimic" "model" "morph". Some that make less sense are "march" and "mount".
    So do we look for a dude named Patrick who marries himself?

    Last Prophet replies:
    Correct. Not only does he merges, matches, mimics, models and morphs but he ALSO marries himself, as announced today.

    (0) The imminent BIG BANG: start with the Banks:

    (1) Only members of the highest grades of the illuminati secret society know who their leader is.
    Like any members of a sect, the illuminati members are not corruptible.
    But once again like almost all members of a sect, most are brainwashed into robotical behaviour.
    That is why they are ALSO not able to get this message passed by the very highest levels hidden in plain sight.

    (2) In thread 2174185 at godlikeproductions. It was deleted March 20, 2013, minutes after another poster solved the riddle.

    Illuminati Religion
    We live in illuminati overtime, the last leg of Illuminati end times. At this stage the illuminati BEAST tells to the beasts that black is white and the beasts robotically repeat it.
    Why endless deception is one of the goals of the Illuminati religion?
    Illuminati begin by telling to the human cattle:
    1. - "Hidden in plain sight" is the truth: "we TOTALLY control media, politcs, justice and economy";
    2. - "black is white" and have the human cattle robotically repeat it.
    The two previous messages can be reduced to "we TOTALLY control your minds". This proves the TRUTH of the illuminati religion.

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    Re: Illuminati LEADER: his NAME REVEALED WORLDWIDE first in History by Last Prophet Matt Marriott

    Modern History's most bombastic revelation: Father's uncle of current Illuminati's LEADER is most widely known man in History, together with Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad

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    Re: Illuminati LEADER: his NAME REVEALED WORLDWIDE first in History by Last Prophet Matt Marriott

    End Times Reductionism: Strip the article from these words ." Armageddon's showdown with Russia, North Korea".

    Putin was murdered and replaced with an imposter in 2010.
    Roles of imposter impersonating Putin since 2010:

    Make no mistake: *** ALL *** Jacob Zuma, Bashar al-Assad or Kim Jong Un actions follow the directives of the boss of the illuminati secret society

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    illuminazi puppe goverments

    2.5 years after the previous post: - don't click godlike oreductions link, it was censored long ago.
    This is the source, May 2013:
    All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
    - 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped),
    - BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and Notrh Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

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    "Tim Kaine": real name same as Clinton's real maiden name: HITLE

    Kaine's real name same as Clinton's real maiden name: HITLER.
    Kaine is a fake name created to sound like KEIN, negation in german.
    His resemblance to the Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler is undeniable
    Hillary Cliinton is Hitler's oldest daughter and half-sister of Merkel.

    Photo of "Tim Kaine"
    Kaine wows crowds on day one as Clinton running mate

    Name of current Illuminati LEADER: REVEALED WORLDWIDE first:
    Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Illuminati Grand Master.
    He uses several fake identities, two of them as "english Sir" and one as "american patriot".

    For Hillary (named to sound like her father) start here
    NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

    Talk of VICEs: after NICE, France:
    Manhunt from muslims to blacks: Undeniable evidence:
    Miss Alabama and Trumpence on stage on a day Of Last Trumpets in the illuminati anti-bible: all predicted 2009

    Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end with the BIG BANG, the ultimate reversal of illuminati scripts
    What follows Obama Bin Laden's resurrection, crucified to a Boeing 777

    All in Blog

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    Re: "Tim Kaine": real name same as Clinton's real maiden name: HITLE

    If Trump wins, the Illuminati is not real. Period. Simple. The Clintons are definitely in it if it truly exists

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    Obama's term extended or Hillary proclaimed winner before Trump inaugurated: ANSWER:

    The extreme mockery BushClinton "running" for the 7th consecutive mandate (1992 to 2016), served as " Bush vs Hillary Clinton, the next head to head race":
    it had to be cancelled because such "races" can't be staged when rally attendances struggle to break out of double digits.

    Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Apr 2016
    The day of Hillary's father anniversary: UNFOLDING EXTREME MOCKERY: Hillary votes counted 100 times each in NY
    There was a time (long ago) when people knew what legit election results meant: paper ballots, votes counted at each ballot box by representatives of each party, results of each ballot box published immediately after on the same spot.

    Nov 23, 2016
    UNFOLDING EXTREME MOCKERY according to the script exposed worldwide only by Last Prophet
    The ballot boxes closed Nov 7, weeks after they opened, an EXTREME MOCKERY of german illuminazis about US citizens reduced to beasts.
    2 weeks later this extreme mockery continues, this time as "votes continue to be counted".
    We are now 2.4 millon votes away from the end, 66.6, as exposed Apr 20, 2016, the day of Hillary's father anniversary and "coincidentally" a milestone in Endless Deception.
    No, I don't mean Prince's "death", although the agendas of that fake death were more important than for the previous major episode of the series, David Bowie.

    Obama's term extended or Hillary proclaimed winner before Trump inaugurated: ANSWER:
    Hillary will be proclaimed the successor of GW Bush, the real 44th president but she will NEVER be normally inaugurated-
    Reason; to avoid having around 1,000 instead of nearly 1,000,000 (as for Obama 2009) in Washington DC to attend it.
    In other words: Obama and Trump will be stripped of whatever titles they have.
    That leaves only two possiblities, and it all depends on Aleppo:
    1. Obama's term extended
    2. Trump inaugurated.

    Why most probably "ISIS will attack Washington D.C" hours before the inauguration
    The script "Trump backtracks on everything except for the terror and genocide agenda" (resumed to two words: Wall and Registry) started the day after he became "president-elect".
    This creates an audience problem also for the inauguration of the role formerly known as "anti-establishment billionaire" and subliminally as "the king of bankruptcy".

    Nov 30, 2016 - Last line's last words: illuminati revisit human cattle's "brains" with this surrealistic artwork: "Trump names king of bankruptcy to commerce secretary".

    Nov 23 - While the nation’s attention has already shifted to Donald Trump’s moves as president-elect, his share of the total vote continues to decrease.
    Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead surpassed 2 million ? or about 1.5 percent of the overall vote ? on Wednesday morning, with 64,225,863 ballots now counted in her favor,
    There are still a few million ballots left to count, and they’re expected to be disproportionately for Clinton.

    NOV 30, 2016 - Wilbur Ross, considered “king of bankruptcy,” named commerce secretary
    Ross, who has a $100 million art collection, will be in charge representing U.S. businesses
    Wilbur Ross, the billionaire investor considered the “king of bankruptcy” for buying beaten-down companies with the potential to deliver profits
    He maintains an art collection worth more than $100 million that includes works by the Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte

    Last Prophet's words the day of Hillary's father anniversary
    Apr 20, 2016
    Computing votes: Contrast Hillary 2016 with McCain 2008 and Romney 2012
    McCain 2009 and Romney 2012 had their votes multiplied each time by more or less 10 times.
    For Hitlery 2016 the script is reversed. No, I don't mean "Hillary wins".
    The original script ALSO had Romney and McCain as winners but, unlike Hillary, only to be stripped of their titles after completing the mission of disarming the citizens.
    The script was modified to have "president Obama" first time in October 2008 and again November 2012, at the very last minute, in fact "as votes were being counted".
    What I do mean: this time Hitlery''s official votes won't be computed by applying a multiplier to the real votes. They are already in script: 66.6 million votes.

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