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    abk-soft dating software

    Please beware of this company! It is ran by:

    Dmitrii Rudakov (dmitryrudakov007 AT yandex DOT ru)
    Zelenaya, 4
    g Vladimira
    Vladimirskaya oblast,600013
    Tel. +007.909909541

    They have some really odd business practices. Their website totally mis-represents their little dating script that they make, and once you pay, there is no getting a refund (Probably because they know their software is NOT up to par). They also promise a "free design" that you never recieve.

    The "admin" there also seems to be a bit of a novice hacker, because when I demanded my refund, and told him I am going to do a chargeback, My server suddenly was attacked, and one of the tools used was a little php file called conf.php which was in russian....hmm.. (!) an odd coincidence? My hosting company is awesome though and is investigating!

    If anyone else has dealt with this company, or knows anything I would love to hear form you. I am getting ready to start a site just for them (more on that at a later date). the last Email I sent him was:

    "i see you banned me and deleted my post. obviously you DONT want people to know the truth, you are a real piece of work! I will make sure that everyone knows you are a THIEF."

    to which he replied:

    "Yes please, thus you will do the following:
    1) raise our pagerank and piblicity.
    2) show that your own decision to agree with the license agreement is nothing
    3) bad comments are even better than the good ones, the user at once visits the site and percieves the software, understanding that it was just a single user's case and it is better not to believe it.

    Really, we already have had a real court prosecution of this sort, and nothing could be done against the license agreement that the client agreed to.

    I just do not understand what are you trying to do now, if there is a clear license that you agreed to pressing BUY. It is not obvious at all, can not understand."

    A real winner, if the game is to scam everyone you can and hide behind the fact that you are in another country. I am not concerned about the money, the bank assures me that I will get it back, but I want to make sure no one else has to go through the headache of dealing with this "company".

    Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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    Re: abk-soft dating software

    This is what license says:
    You may modify the source code to customize the "look and feel" of the “Software Product” for your personal usage on the licensed installation only.

    I would like to know which competetor of ours sent you, really interesting Black pr is of course a bad thing but in any case it is pr. Especially after this (hehe):

    Their cc processor avangate has investigated and ruled that their software *IS* not what is advertised on their web site.

    Please go to the features page, then go to the demo. The sceenshots on the features page were made on the demo.

    Very interesting to continue watching this... (boonex? skadate?

    The simplest way to ruin this blackmailing and such funny notes, is to go to our portfolio, see how many new sites appear there weekly, and contact the clients, if they are happy or not. Whichever competeter this is, I must say, that we never will use this kind of stuff, black pr in our business.

    We will just make the best software. The clients will decide.

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