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    Is Cash-splitters legit?

    Is Cash-Splitters Legit?

    I signed up with cash-splitters.com. i have had problems with them as I was competing in January contest. About mid January, I couldn't log into my page for about 2 days. When I finally was able to log in to my page again, I noticed that about a week's worth of comments had been erased from my page. I received an email from admin that the contest had been sabotaged and that my comments had been erased.
    They also stated that they were going to call an end to teh contest for January because of the sabotage and were going to take a poll of everyone involved and ask what should be done. The poll was taken and most voted that whoever was in the lead on Jan. 15th when the contest was sabotaged, shuld be declared the winner. I happened to be in the lead on the 15th and was declared the winner. They let me know that the earnings from Jan. 16th thru Jan. 31st would roll over into Febuary and that normall, I wouldn't be eligible to compete in Febuary after winning the earnings of Jan 1st to the 15th but because of extenuating circumstances, i would be allowed to enter Febuary's contest also.
    About Jan. 28th at 7am in the morning, I was in the lead in 1st place with about 50,000 votes (100%) and the person who was in 4th place with about 38,000 votes started gaining on me tremendously. I saw their stats increasing by sometimes more than 1000 votes in the time that I only refreshed the popularity page that listed the percentages and votes. That seemed logically impossible. By that evening, I had about 96,000 and they had over 318,000. the points are gained (the percent) by refreshing the page. The rules also state that clicking on ads is worth 10 page refreshes but it is tallied weekly, not daily.
    I was told by admin that she would review the advertisers payout amount about Feb, 2nd and let me know how much I won in the January contest. I have never won money at this site before and have never known anyone who has. I received an email from a friend who said her sister works as a computer tech who says it is a scam.
    I did a search through google with the name and couldn't find out anything about cash-splitters being a scam. I am wondering though if the owners of the company is running some type of software to run up the refreshes quickly(and also the percentage) and make the other contestants click on lots of ads trying to get credit for page refreshes(clicking ads is supposed to equal 10 page refreshes) but it seems that anything earned on clicking ads will go to whoever has the highest page refreshes at the end of the month. If someone (and it could conceivably be the owner of the contest themselves) is running some type of cheater software to automatically(and quickly) refresh their pages, then they will be winning whatever earnings I and everyone else will make by clicking on the ads.
    I have been clicking and refreshing day and night. My friends and family have been doing the same.
    I feel foolish doing this without knowing if I have any chance on it or if I am getting scammed in some way.
    No, they did not ask for any of my money. But, I am putting in my time clicking on ads and refreshing the page and I am assuming that they will make a fair amout from the advertisers so in a way, I am spending money if you consider my time should be worth an amount of money, right?
    Does anyone know about this or can they find out any info for me or if anyone has won anything and if it is worth all the time I am investing in it?
    Thank you,


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    Re: Is Cash-splitters legit?

    Hey Violetz its WipeOut from Cash-Splitters. Are you still able to access the cash-splitter page. I too am starting to think the page is a scam simply putting marketing dollars into there account so they can cash out. I only receive blank pages when I even try to use www.cash-splitters.com and have noticed a few complaints from people saying they never received payment in the past even though it was promised. I guess that is why the cash-splitter people block all user information from posters? Feel free to shoot me back and e-mail if you get a chance.

    [email protected]*****.com (*****=gmail, it keeps spammers from hammering your e-mailing address with a bunk of crap)

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    Re: Is Cash-splitters legit?

    It does not seem legit, why will advertisers pay you for clicking on ads when you are not going to buy anything?

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    Re: Is Cash-splitters legit?

    Site does not open. Shows blank page.

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    wipeout97 Guest

    Re: Is Cash-splitters legit?

    I figured it was a scammo, hey at least I was able to grab the admins IP address out of a previous e-mail which traces back to a paid high speed connection who will remain blank for the time being. Since myself and violetz wasted our time and I mean alot of it (I had over a million clicks and she had about 25% more). Can anyone recommend where I can submit a fraud alert on this website since I will be able to obtain there personal information? (don't ask how)

    Thanks in advance!

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