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    FTC to regulate boxing due to high failure rate and low incomes


    The FTC has been commissioned to address the growing belief that shorter men can actually compete at a high level in professional boxing. In fact, after conducting surveys over a period of four years, speaking with numerous experts (none of whom have actually boxed), the FTC has ultimately concluded that the empowering message of the Rocky franchise to be misleading for prospective boxers throughout the country. This report is intended to provide guidance for coaches and trainers going forward when they’re soliciting involvement from young fighters.


    The average annualized income for all active Boxers during this period (before expenses) was $8.37. The average boxer can expect to suffer much and earn little.


    Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. Statistically, a 5’8″ Italian man over the age of 30 has zero shot of winning a heavyweight boxing title. Chasing chickens has not been scientifically proven to make you faster. There has never been a man that could really piss lightning or crap thunder. Pounding frozen meat has not been validated as an effective way to improve hand strength. After our medical advisory board reviewed the original Rocky film, they concluded that Rocky Balboa would have suffered 27 concussions at the hands of Apollo Creed before the final bell.

    New to scam.com? This is what you can expect from MLM critics in support of their claims ....

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    Re: FTC to regulate boxing due to high failure rate and low incomes

    Oh brother --big brother--lol.
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    Re: FTC to regulate boxing due to high failure rate and low incomes

    All false. He quit too soon. He didn't learn the skills. He didn't do as his mentor advised. He didn't work hard enough,
    Originally Posted by nomaxim
    Sorry there ''ohein56', but it appears that 'Joecool44' does not have the position that you envision on this topic.

    'Joecool44' has, as a matter of routine, refuted most of your accusations
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    Some people have the ability to think critically, some do not. ohein obviously doesn't.

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