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    Ben Carroll Lead + Course

    I bought Ben Carroll's Lead+ Course and the software when it was a WSO and followed the instructions to the letter. There was a considerable amount of setup work but I didn't mind since the program was such a novel idea that I was sure would work. Unfortunately it simply didn't work at all. I checked and rechecked but the basic functionality of the software was broken.
    Naturally I wrote to Ben Carroll using the support ticket system that was provided. I wrote to him no less than eight time and never received a single answer. I found him on the Warrior Forum and wrote to him there, still no answer. I found his sales pages and left messages in the feedback threads but still no answer.
    I ended up by writing to him and telling him that he had seven days to respond to my reasonable support question and if I still had no reply that I would use Scam.com to warn the world about his dreadful or rather his non existent support.
    Guess what...........no response!
    Based on my experience I urge you all to give Ben Carroll a very wide berth. He does not not care anything for his customers and could have avoided this so easily but he chose not to do so.

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    Re: Ben Carroll Lead + Course

    Well if they are requesting for money for their obvious package then am sure they will not get any members. People these days do not easily fall for that scam anymore.

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