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    Central African Republic: FREEDOM FIGHTERS inflict severe defeat to illuminati. Puppet Bozize already fled country as french mercenaries occupy Bangui

    Moaz Al-Khatib was sold by illuminati media during the last months as "leader of the Syrian opposition".
    Moaz Al-Khatib is an illuminati agent who months after the fight for freedom began in Syria was still selling illuminati agent Assad.
    As the illuminati realize that it is impossibleto sell Al-Khatib to the real freedom fighters, the Free Syrian Army, he resigns from the puppet "Syrian Coalition".
    At the same hour the freedom fighters defeat the illuminati puppet in the Central African Republic.

    The core of French mercenaries in the Sahel was moved early 2013 from Chad to Mali, where together with Chad mercenaries they execute the genocide of the tuaregs, ongoing for now two months.
    As the illuminati in overtime no longer have the ressources to be present on all fronts ...

    BREAKING: Central African Republic: FREEDOM FIGHTERS inflict severe defeat to illuminati. Puppet Bozize already fled country as french mercenaries occupy Bangui airport

    Illuminati media (BBC) is still repeating the broken record with "interviews" of "Bangui residents" accusing the rebels of being foreigners and reporting that "they ask the president to give them weapons to defend the capital" as the legends read "President Bozize fled across the river to Congo".

    Talk of illuminati puppets Moaz Al-Khatib in Syria and Bozize in the Central African Republic, a reminder of the words of Last Prophet from 12-28-2012 (1):

    2012: Central African Republic, Bangui: another illuminati puppet about to bite the dust

    It is always more difficult for the illuminati to use the old tactic to replace puppets kicked out by armed rebellion: to infiltrate the freedom fighters and have an agent as the new president.
    Syria marks a milestone in this age, with the grotesque attempts to sell their agent as the leader of the armed resistence, while their agent states that there is no problem that the opposition, after almost two years, did not get any weapons from NATO.
    This time the illuminati did not manage to infiltrate enough the freedom figifhters who are about to take over Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic.
    So the illuminati have only one alternative: to have the puppet ask them for "help".

    (1) Words of Last Prophet, see reply from 12-28-2012 to "Armageddon: Battle of Central Africa: Illuminati suffer KEY defeat at Goma, as freedom fighters neuter UN troops alias NEO-GESTAPO"

    The Neo-Colonialist End Times Paradox
    During illuminati overtime, the last leg of illuminati end times, Neo-colonialism becomes an End Times Paradox.
    Neo-colonialism is both the last stage ...
    - before freedom, for former colonies, from Egypt to Argentina;
    - before colonialism, for former empires, from Portugal to the UK.

    1. The population of former colonies finally gains control over national resources.
    The end of neo-colonialism nears, as more and more:
    - people revolt, from Tunisia and Egypt to South Africa.
    - protesters finally get weapons and begin to break the slavery chains, from Libya and Syria to the Central African Republic and Congo;
    - colonial borders begin to be redrawn, starting with South Sudan;
    - patriotic leaders replace illuminati agents, from Rwanda to Venezuela and Argentina.

    2. The populace of former colonial empires, now reduced to beasts, peacefully accepts:
    - to be disarmed and have the conscript army replaced by mercenaries;
    - to be first neo-colonized, ruled by traitors.
    - to have their countries turned from neo-colonies to colonies, by these traitors;
    - to finally let the illuminati colonial empire reduce them to slaves.

    For 2 see:
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