Oscar Pistorius murders his model girlfriend = Illuminati theater - It is ALL staged as another act of the "disarm citizens in the USA" script.
There was no romance between Pistorius and the actress playing the "murdered" role.
The "brainy, blonde, bombshell Reeva Steenkamp" role was created solely for the act "gun owners will probably murder their girlfriends".
Exactly like the role of "murdered ambassador Chris Stevens" was created solely for the "Benghazigate" act (1).
South African government is TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.
The act "call the cameras to broadcast the murder of dozends of protesting miners" alone proves it.

Pistorious is owned by the illuminati.
He played the star role (2) in the mockery
- of the Olympics at London 2012;
- of athletics in the World Championships 2011.

The act is of course staged in the illuminati joke format.
- Pistorius previously appeared in a Nike ad coming out of the starting blocks to the phrase, "I am the bullet in the chamber."
- act staged days before the Oscars.

(1) "Chris Stevens" "Dead" US ambassador in Libya lived less than 2 years: how fake folks are created

(2) the role of Terminator Oscar Pistorius was exposed long ago by Last Prophet. Example from 11 August 2012,