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    Next and LAST POPE, "Cardinal" Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, NAMED exactly like criminal Louise "MADONNA" Ciccone

    Next and LAST POPE, "Cardinal" Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, NAMED exactly like criminal Louise "MADONNA" Ciccone

    "Madonna" is a criminal persecuted by the Law in Russia.
    She will be arrested immediately on charges of gay propaganda if she ever comes back to Russia (1).
    She got her full name at age 17 when she was picked by the illuminati to play satanic "Madonna" as illuminati icon (2).

    This was exactly the same process for naming the scripted LAST POPE, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, picked to play the role of "Peter the Roman": PIETRO was added as his middle name in the late eighties.
    So his illuminati baptism (his full name) took place 10 years after they added "Madonna" to Louise Ciccone.

    (1) see "madonna"'s video that caused the criminal charges at:
    Battle of Armageddon: two largest European countries forbid gay propaganda: Russia & Ukraine

    (2) Exposed first and so far only by Last Prophet, 10 years ago:
    Google: From Madonna to Barack Hussein Obama II - the process of naming illuminati icons

    (3) Glory of the Olive Pope Benedict XVI resigns for Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, the last Pope; Dorner first to be droned on US soil
    The perfect script would be "electing" first the "black pope", Ghana's Peter Turkson is the actor in the cast for that role, usng the name Romano as pope.
    That is why the illuminati have his coat of arms with the Alpha Omega symbols, that stand in the Bible for begin and end ("I am the Alpha and the Omega"): Peter the first pope, Peter the Roman the last "pope".
    The "black pope" would be shortly after the "election" accused of all sort of crimes and stripped of the papacy, to let Bertone play Terminator and successor of Ratzinger, Gloria Olivae.
    This would be another parody (like falsely accusing and stripping Lance Armstong) to the script of "black Obama, the suicide Obomber", who will now be accused of all sort of crimes and "hanged", after stripped of all titles, to let Hillary Clinton play Terminator and successor of GW Bush.
    The problem is there is no time left for long illuminati jokes, as expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism.
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