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    TWO main AGENDAS

    Talk of actors used in the disarm agenda:
    Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Hoax - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt Marriott

    As for illuminati jokes, here an extended list:
    - before starring as "real" "Blade Gunner" Pistorius previously starred as virtual "Blade Gunner" in a Nike ad coming out of the starting blocks to the phrase, "I am the bullet in the chamber."
    - Oscar Pistorius shot his "girlfriend" on Valentine's Day.
    - footage of fake identity "Reeva Steenkamp" starts rolling on TV days after she was "murdered".
    - "Reeva Steenkamp" was supposed to turn 30 this year, the same year that Ridley Scott's Blade Runner turns 30 since its Oscar nomination.
    - act is staged days before the Oscars.
    - O.J. Simpson offers Olympic murder suspect some advice.

    The last joke has to do with another agenda: "gun owners will probably murder their girlfriends" is not the only one being advanced.

    Agenda: accept that rich and famous can get away with murder
    Pistorius's sentence will be "not guilty", a repetition of the "OJ simpson" script in 1995, to advance the agenda "accept that rich and famous can get away with murder".
    The differences to OJ Simpson:
    - OJ Simpson did kill two people.
    - OS Simpson's sentence was also part of the agenda "test launch of supervised race war" (1).
    - in South Africa, where whites are a vanishing minority, the case is staged with two whites in the main roles.

    From 2012: OJ SIMPSON "TRIAL" 1995 *** general rehearsal *** to test launch of supervised ethnic civil at any moment.
    Test was a complete success and ... that moment has finally arrived.
    Differences between oj simpson and the other roles in the black cast for the ethnic civil war script ("Obama", Conrad Murray, Al Sharpton, Tiger Woods, etc) - Begin here: google
    oj simpson illuminati
    One of the results is the TRUTH:
    Illuminati Agenda, illustrated with key acts of illuminati theater ...
    9 May 2007 ... The circumstancial difference was that in the case of OJ Simpson the illuminati did not stage it from the beginning, i.e. the murders were ...

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