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    starmindusa.com (Star Mind SCAM)

    Beware and be informed that, as is typical of any Scam, 'Star Trainer' (www.startrainer.org) has been changed to 'Star Mind' (www.starmindusa.com), though it still retains the parent company name of 'Top Brain' (www.topbrain.net) which is the originator of the Employment Scam.

    Also note that Timothy Koh Ming Kwang has been changed to 'Huna'. Therefore Huna = Timothy Koh, in person.

    For more information regarding TopBrain & StarTrainer scams, go to the following links :






    There are principally 6 ways in which the Con-Artist Timothy Koh @ Huna will try to con your money, in exchange for an offered salary that is 'Too Good to be True !' :

    1) (starting off with a small amount) Processing fee for employment (US$30 -- $60)

    2) (Fake) Charity in Thailand or whatever country (US$70 -- $200)

    3) Pledge money to 'activate' TopBrain's 'international account' -- US$2000

    4) (Hidden) Payment for Memory Training -- US$2000

    5) Star Mind membership -- USD$5000 per year

    6) Invest in his virtual company StarMind Corporation -- US$ XXX millions. I will quote from starmindusa.com website :
    "There are 100 000 000 shares in Starmind Corporation and they are paid at USD 1 per share. Majority of these shares are owed by Great Grandmaster Huna and Ms. Jennifer Gaul the CEO. The other investors and shareholders make up the rest of the minority shares."

    Drawing inference from the account of 'RubbishCollector' in http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=20527,
    we believe that 'Ms. Jennifer Gaul the CEO' is probably a fake character whom Timothy Koh @ Huna just simply snapped a picture of without permission on Waikiki beach !

    Please note that starmindusa.com website is only set up very recently on 15th Jan 2007 ! Its unprofessional design & style closely matches startrainer.org & topbrain.net.

    I copied from Whois.net the following information :

    Domain: starmindusa.com
    Status: Protected


    Created: 2007-01-15
    Expires: 2009-01-15
    Last Modified: 2007-01-16 21:39:32

    Registrant Contact:

    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Administrative Contact:

    Starmind Corporation
    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Technical Contact:

    Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd
    Chan Kee Siak ([email protected])
    1-2-28 Mayang Mall Jalan Mayang Pasir 1
    Bayan Lepas, Penang, MY 11950
    P: +604.6308283 F: +604.6308288

    Billing Contact:

    Starmind Corporation
    Koh Ming Kwang ([email protected])
    1720 ala moana blvd ste c-201
    honolulu, hawaii, US 96815
    P: +60.172184872 F: +60.356310195

    Since Timothy Koh Ming Kwang is now based in Hawaii to launch his Scam operations in America (after Singapore & Hong Kong), I hope that Americans will alert their Law Enforcement authorities in Hawaii & mainland America of the risk posed by this full-time career Con-Artist called 'Huna', who will take on various guises (including different company names) in order to deceive people that he is a financially-secure corporate President or Vice-President with the additional title of 'Great GrandMaster of World Memory'.

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    brightedu.org (BrightEdu, Star Mind SCAMS)

    Please be informed that, as is typical of Timothy Koh Ming Kwang's SCAM, 'Star Mind' (www.starmindusa.com) has once again been changed to 'BrightEdu' (www.brightedu.org).

    Also note that 'Huna' has been changed to 'Roger K.'. Therefore Roger K.= Timothy Koh, in person.

    For more information regarding StarMind, TopBrain & StarTrainer scams, please refer to the forums links in the first posting above.

    The ways in which this Con-Artist Timothy Koh will try to con your money remain about the same. He is running out of ideas in his imagination to promote his scam, and of course, he is not as intelligent as he claimed since he is no 'Dr', MBA or BA !

    I quote from 'ashbecker' in http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=8155, submitted on Wed Feb 14, 2007 :

    Hi everyone,

    This is written in Feb 14, 2007.

    This Starmind/Top Brain is now working under the name of brightedu.org (www.brightedu.org). And this Dr. Timophy Koh has changed his name to Roger K.

    Recently, he is recruiting people for his so called company in Hong Kong.

    The way he try to con people's money is about the same. But instead of asking you to pay for training, he now ask you to pay for deposit for his 'friends' in Hawaii for accomodation.

    Please be advised and do not fall for his scheme. And thank you for you guys posting it on the site, so I know this is indeed a scam.
    I also quote from post #18 in http://fraudwatchers.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3672 :

    Hi everyone,

    Just to let everyone know, this Dr. Timophy Koh Ming Kwang is now operating in Hong Kong, under the name of Dr. Roger K.

    My father recently received a reply to his job application and met with this "Dr" person. He is now using brightedu.org as his cover up. And instead of asking my father to pay money up front, he told my father that he has to pay for the deposit of housing over in Hawaii once he relocate there.

    It aroused his suspicious, so we went online to check him out and found this post.

    Please note that brightedu.org website is only set up very recently on 8th Feb 2007 ! The design and contents are almost exactly the same as starmindusa.com !

    I copied from Whois.net the following information :

    Domain: BrightEdu.org


    Created On: 08-Feb-2007
    Expiration Date: 08-Feb-2008

    Sponsoring Registrar:Web Commerce Communications Limited (R140-LROR)

    Registrant ID:wn-r1283502212
    Registrant Name:BrightEdu Organization
    720 ala moana blvd
    ste c 201
    honolulu, hawaii, 96815, US

    [email protected]

    Tech ID:wn-t1283502212
    Tech Name:Chan Kee Siak
    Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd
    1-2-28 Mayang Mall
    Jalan Mayang Pasir 1
    Bayan Lepas, Penang, 11950, MY

    [email protected]

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    Re: kohmingkwang.org

    Beware that Koh Ming Kwang, the career Con-Artist from Malaysia, has recently launched his SCAM website again, www.kohmingkwang.org. This new domain webpage looks about the same as his previous ones (Brightedu, Starmind, StarTrainer, TopBrain) and as before, it is unprofessionally designed by himself.

    As expected of any seasoned Scammer and Con-artist, 'Dr' Timothy Koh has to regularly change and re-launch his websites with different domain names but basically still using the same contents as before. However this fake 'Dr' is really running out of ideas to carry out his new Scam campaigns ! Hence he has no much choice but to try to attack the existing bad publicity surrounding him, and to continue his feeble attempts to uphold his false (fake) image of a 'good' guy with a 'big heart' trying to help the disadvantaged kids in Asia. Quoted from this website, "He (Koh Ming Kwang) was involved in things like feeding the hungry and homeless orphans and showed love to these young children who live in the streets. He even stood for the rights of these children against obnoxious officers who tried to bully them." What obnoxious Bullsh*t ! He can write as much of these fake testimonials as he wants, but it is really obnoxious trying to wring as much sympathy money$$ from the unsuspecting public who may donate into his personal pockets.

    Did you notice that the photographs taken of the kids from the Charity webpage are of coarse and poor quality ? Based on our previous experiences with him, he will take opportunity to snap pictures of persons in public places, or download them from the Internet, and then paste them onto his websites to pass as his own !! Did you also notice that some of the testimonial letters (after clicking the hyperlinks on kids' pictures) are of the same duplicate repeats ? Incredible but true. Well, this is not surprising to us as we had encountered before.

    But please do not be fooled by his big sheepish smile and 'kind' bespectacled look ! He was called the inventor of "Ming Memory Method" 'Memory Doctor', the President of World Memory and Intelligence Body in Melbourne, Australia and (previously) the Champion of Super Memory Championship in Melbourne. Now he claimed that it was his team who won the World Super Memory Youth Championship in Melbourne. But if you do a thorough search on the Net, there is no record of he or his team winning any championship at all in any country !! Which means that the newpapers citations or quotations about him are most probably fake, or that they had been deceived into believing that he was the genuine 'Dr' Koh in Memory Championship.

    What is his ultimate purpose ? He just wants to Con your money $$$. Plain and simple. I really hope that the Law enforcement authorities in the respective country that he visits will take legal actions against him.

    The following information is extracted from Whois Domain lookup service. You can refer to his previous Scam websites www.brightedu.org, www.starmindusa.com for continuing his 'StarMind Corporation'. Also do a comparison in the design & contents between StarMind & kohmingkwang.org. He is just a Wolf in Sheep's skin by making some superficial changes !


    Created On: 02-Jul-2007

    Last Updated On: 02-Jul-2007 02:34:19 UTC
    Expiration Date: 02-Jul-2009 02:22:01 UTC

    Name: Koh Ming Kwang
    Organization: Starmind Corporation
    Street1: 1720 ala moana blvd, ste c-201
    Honolulu, HI, 96815
    Country: US
    Phone: +1.172184872
    Email: [email protected]

    Name Server: NS79.MSCHOSTING.COM
    Name Server: NS80.MSCHOSTING.COM

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