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    Beware of Vantiv Accept Credit Card Swipe Service

    Do not trust Vantiv Accept Credit Card Service! They messed up my account, held my $501 and their employee, Calvin Williams even hung up on me on the phone! They made me feel as if I owed them money!
    I ordered my Vantiv Accept Mobile Credit Card Swipe Dongle for my I-phone through Fifth Third Bank. I was told the service was carefree and automatic and required no batching from the customer. After using Vantiv Accept for 3 days, I noticed that I was not receiving deposit notifications from my bank. I called Vantiv Accept's customer service line but they COULD NOT ANSWER MY QUESTION as to where my $501 was. I was told they would call me back in the morning, but they didnt. When I called, some guy named Calvin Williams told me,
    "Didnt they tell you phone calls are returned in 24 hours?!"
    Then Calvin Williams goes on to educate me about my $ transactions in a very rude and I-know-more-than-you-know type of way, correcting me, "IT'S $501, NOT $500 SIR!"
    Little did Calvin know I hadnt had much sleep because of this while I'm sure he slept very well because he gets a weekly paycheck from Vantiv. I had to tell him, "Youre dealing with my money, Calvin Williams, not yours!"
    I asked to speak to a manger and Calvin left me on hold for 5 minutes, then HUNG UP ON ME! Mind you, they owe me $501! I called back AGAIN and asked to speak to a manager who they could not get because he was in a business meeting. I cant wait to see how he feels about my money and the way Calvin Williams handled my account!
    I feel very insecure going forward with this Vantiv credit card acceptance company because of this first bad impression and I want the world to know what I went through so maybe you can avoid the headache!
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    Re: Beware of Vantiv Accept Credit Card Swipe Service

    Does the Vantiv service offer you any reporting? I left 5/3 years ago (before thy named themselves the ludicrous 'vanitv') due to crummy customer service.

    If you have the ability to pull your own reporting on your transactions (as you should), then they won't be able to hold your money for long. Pull up the transaction and then call back and give them the authorization code.

    The biggest issue with these mobile dongle products (square, etc) is the drastic lack of any appetite for risk, those accounts get held and closed like crazy because the risk of fraud is so high. EMV needs to get here ASAP.

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