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    Re: Bhf Over Charging

    if the price is too high, it won't get sold . . . total sale $0

    somebody taking in $0 might be accused of being unwise, but hard to say greedy. the point of doing business is to make a profit, in this case, some of that profit benefits a charity. you want the charity to get less money so you can have more?

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    Re: HBH Global, Pinnacle Solutions, Alliance Promo

    :zx11pissed: The other charity I found out is operation smile. Its only because of good publicity. These companies are MLM pyramid schemes scam and get so much negative comments written about them because most of them are really shady and its door to door. So they have to lure and lie to the interviewers to get them through the door. Most times the people working there also seem pretty cool when you go in for the interview. I went on an interview not too long ago but I like you did my research and found that that they do work with charities but its only to cover up and make themselves look good. You Know good press. But whatever I was lucky to land a fantastic job with The Hartford in Phoenix. 401k, dental, Medical and a base starting me out with 63,000k a year, vacation and personal time. Most people that get a job with these MLM companies are Naive and don't have one so they'll take whatever they ct n find. Dumb enough to go door to door and chase a fake million dollar dream.

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    Re: Requesting for Charity

    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenLW View Post
    Hi all my name is Darren,

    I have never asked for charity before but when i typed it in a search engine i came up with your site link.

    My wife had a car accident last year, shattered her back in a few places and now is paralized. I spent 9 years in the u.s. army and am now disabled, we have two kids. We are extremely poor and are in need of assistance. Our car is on its last leg and we really need a wheelchair accessable dependable vehicle. In addition the house we live in is extremely old and the doors (except for the front) will not allow for a wheelchair to pass through them. So we need a dwelling which will allow for a wheelchair to pass through the doors. In addition this will give her a sense of "independence" to where she can move freely about the house and can bathe in the bathroom.

    Whats sad is.... i have searched the internet only to my disgust. It seems all these charity sites only want to take things, and dont provide a place for a "needy" person such as ourselves to apply.

    One of them, wont say which, but seemed to be a popular one, provided a contact email, which didnt even work :confused:

    In conclusion if you know a place where a needy person can actually apply for help with these things please........ let me know........ i am desperate and cant seem to find a place that provides us a place to apply for it.


    Darren L. Wheeler
    I understand how you feel about what you have found but there are things I am doing to help my financial situation on line and it had not cost me a dime to make money it took me a while to find but am glad I have on is so easy it is silly an helps many other people with cost of prescriptions if you want to connect and talk about it email me back and I will share what i am doing all for free and making a living from home with it

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