I was a traveler in Singapore a few months and the following story is apparently true. Everyone was talking about it. People were dilly dallying by the Boat Quay in Singapore where something momentous happened. A guy (I don't know if out of his wits) declared that he'd swim across the Singapore River. When he jumped and started swimming, it didn't take a long time before he started waving his arms shouting for help. [url=http://www.SINGAPOR-PROPERTY.COM]People were all too stunned and nobody moved.[/ur l] But all of a sudden, another splash happened from afar, obviously it was the "hero" who wants to rescue the drowning man. They shouted in relief and cheered. But it was frightening when we all realized he too doesn't know how to swim. Call it lucky, but a tongkang with travelers chanced upon this catastrophe and the operator helped the two drowning guys aboard. The "hero" was cheered on but he uttered, "Who the *%#@ pushed me??"