Below is an email just sent to Southern Tool. You have probably seen the TV commercial for the Bitshooter Pro. It is now sold retail. After returning the product within the allowable time I have have still to recieve a refund . It appears as though they are subcontracting the order process. I will NEVER buy ANYTHING on tv again. They can take your money in a matter of seconds, but returning it takes months (if ever).

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This is a copy of my original request for a refund that was sent almost a YEAR ago. I returned the merchandise a week later. I have made more than EIGHT calls to MICHELLE trying to get my refund processed. The number and nature of excuses from MICHELLE have been amazing and disturbing. After several calls (and subsequent excuses) I was told that "she wasn't in". When I identified myself as someone else she miraculously answered the phone call. I have been told that "the check has been sent". "The check will be sent on the next batch". She can't send the check because her "boss has to sign it". "The boss is out". She "doesn't know when the boss will be back" and several other obvious attempts lies. The amount of money is only about $50 so it's not life ending, but, it is very disturbing that a company as large as Southern Tools would behave in such a dishonest manner. I am posting this on every scam warning websites that I can find. I want to warn people about doing business with Southern Tools.

Paul LaFaver
8124 Kayak Way
Blaine, WA 98230

(360) 933-4322

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February 7, 2006

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After receiving and using the "Bit Shooter" I am not satisfied with the product. I would therefor like to return it in accordance with your return policy. Please send me an RMA # or directions for returning the product.

Thank You,

Paul LaFaver