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    3incomes.com.....anyone heard of them

    They have a website, and charge $79 + 30 setup fee, about $110. They have 4 ways, I guess you can do all of them....a healthcare site, an auction site, a mortgage site, or a site called "new money concepts" (I don't know what they do). I checked on this site and a couple other scamwatch sites, and haven't seen their name. Does this sound familiar and is this site just another site that decided to rename itself, or could this be for real? Does it sound worth the $110 investment to find out?

    Also, it seems that one other website is newconceptsforsuccess.com, it's listed somewhere on the 3incomes site, and the page looks the same for both of them. The new concepts site has Phoenix, AZ listed as it's city and has it's address posted. (I didn't see this for the 3incomes site).
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    Re: 3incomes.com.....anyone heard of them

    send me 110 bucks and I'll tell you.


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    Re: 3incomes.com.....anyone heard of them


    This group left a lot of people singing the blues and goodbye money goddbye. After you gave them the $110 they would promise to give you $185 in a year if you hadn't made any money with them.

    I called one day posing as a customer, they were to ask for the code on the site where I had seen the ad. But instead they went right into the sell of their sites. I caught them but didn't have them taped so couldn't prove to the boss man what was going on.

    I ask for my money back and they said I had to wait for the year. Well before the year was over they had packed up and moved on, but not before they had their AD group call and talk me into letting them help me. So now, if I am offered a job/work from home business, I just tell them been scammed and out of money. Most of them hangup right then.

    This group went under the names of 3incomes.com, newconceptsforsuccess.com, newauctionconcepts.com, newmoneyconcepts.com, newhealthconcepts.com, newmortgageconcepts.com...I think that is at least most of them. So far the only names I could associate with them is Michael Hillard and Larry Michael of AZ .

    Take a look at the backs of your checks or credit info, that will give you a start on the hunt...
    Good Luck

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