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    Any reputable lists of distributors?

    I have not delved into just tons of these questionable scams like some of you have, but I have seen my share over the years. One thing I remember is that a lot of them seem to have e-books that list sources for all sorts of things which can be sold on ebay, in a dollar store, or maybe even at a real brick-and-mortar business.

    Well, I am interested in finding someone who has some lists of these distributors. I think I used to see such things sold on TV even, but there might be a book that lists 10,000 distributors or something, hopefully catagorized by product type. I have a particular interst - i aint just trying to sell trinkets or something stupid. But I would need probably some obscure products, and I might need to look hard to find what I need... unless there's a kind soul out there done with there dumb ebook they would lend me. I need to open a retail store and resell some cool products.

    Hmm, some of the ebook packages could be worthwhile for things like this, although needs like this only pop up in maybe 1 person per 100,000 of the population. :D Feel free to see if they will let you upload something, but please if you are selling scam books, choose another way.

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    ba-dump. Has anyone even tried one of those retail-store-type Internet schemes and used a distributor?

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