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Thread: Zoom to freedom

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    Zoom to freedom

    has anyone received or tried this???

    They don't tell you what the products are ????????

    I received the invite through the mail, then went to their site looking for answers??? And, of course, there is no phone#



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    Re: Zoom to freedom

    Just wanted to post a reply to your comment. Zoom to Freedom is a section of Freedom Publishing. Freedom Publishing provides quality content for those interested in seeking Financial Freedom. Zoom to Freedom is our online presence and store to help provide our materials through the Internet. If you have any questions about our material, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to answer your questions.

    Please note. We believe in our products and have seen them generate revenue for countless clients. Please visit our site for more info: www.zoomtofreedom.com

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    Re: Zoom to freedom

    It is Jan 17, 2008 and I am BUMMED...
    On 5/5/07 I sent the registration fee and whatever else to total $45. I have yet to receive ANYTHING.
    I tried to find a number through the phone company, to no avail.
    So far, to date, I am out $45.
    They have my address and phone number (and $45 to pay someone to contact me). I continue to hope...

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    Re: Zoom to freedom

    I am playing my guitar for you, singing a folk song, hey kids come and gather round, i got some newssss .... that i just found. Wake up and listen to me carefully eeeee... now i dont want to break your hearts just because you have been playing with darts... but you see, aint hardly anything working out there for thee ...eeeeee, a bunch of scam artists just playing out there ...eeeee Hey kids come around, listen to me what I just found..... If you got money neeeee, you could invest carefulleeeeee... but this place where people goooo ...ooooh to tell their sorrows sooo....oooh. Well, it looks like most people here...eeeeeee.... dont have the moneynee ...eeeee but if you did.... you wouldnt have to worrry...eeeeeeee Anyone into investing? it's the place to be...eeeeee Investing carefulleeee....eeeeeee. WAKE UP! American Secret Investment Societies....eeeeesss. All you need is $ 1,0000 dollars...eeeeeeee! every $1,000 invested could make you a fortune...eeeeeeee go and look for it online..eeeee But you know, I told you the truth...eeeeee there are many out there.. All for REAL ...eeeee You could become a MILLIONAIRE....EEEEEEEE! All this rubbish on here.....eeeee working like a slave you seeee....eeeee THIS one, you never can lose...eeee but you gotta have the money....eeeee You can start off slowly....eeeee, then you'll see your money grow......ooooooohhhhhh! Time to do it is NOW...eeee Have fun!!!! eeeeeeee, How did you like my song ....eeeee this is what i do ...eeeeee helping all i see....eeeee having fun at the same time ....eeee HEY KIDS COME AROUND ..........eeeeeeeee. Tell me what you found.....eeeee Waiting to hear what you say ....eeeeeee

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    Re: Zoom to freedom

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.

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