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    Global Resorts Network

    Anyone hear about global resorts network? Anyone
    make any money with them? Anyone signed up with
    them? Are they a scam??

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    Re: Global Resorts Network

    in my opinion, not a scam. the savings they offer are pretty good. i am yet to see this "pay for a membership in a single vacation" but i suppose, if you vacationed for 3 weeks straight....

    people are obviously hesitant to get involved, i personally think that is partly to do with, among the usual reasons, the reverse funnel system - but thats just me.

    it's not a get rich quick thing, you might get rich, it might be quick, but that all depends on the work you put in. read: posting ads.

    like everything, it takes a while to get momentum.. and you go from there. if the business side doesnt work for you, you still have fairly hefty discounts at 5 star resorts.

    i think it's well worth the price of admission.

    Yes! I am involved with global resorts network. No! it isn't a scam from where i'm sitting (though before i took the plunge, i thought it could be)

    check it out at

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    Re: Global Resorts Network

    I have no problem whatsoever giving someone who is serious about GRN access to my personal product. I have made a couple sales that way. Especially one who wanted it for the Wyndham in Waikiki. I believe in full disclosure and due diligence. Business people relate to that.

    Listen the bottom line to make money with GRN is to join a great team, pick a system and hit it hard. Whether you focus on retail or bus oppty there are so many different strategies both old school and new school that we teach with our team.

    Personal branding is all good but seriously you better be the leader people are looking for and present yourself that way. To speed up any online business focusing on finding professionals in areas that cater to your product work. We are hitting it hard and having amazing fast results hitting the obvious timeshare market etc.

    Good luck in GRN to all.
    GRN Team Builder
    $5k in 4 Days, WOW
    Virtual Assts Close ALL My Sales

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