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    Re: DataAdEntry.com?

    I know this is not one of the dataentry.com stuff. Let me tell you what happened to me. Well I was on careerbuilder and looking for a work at home part time job, I have full time and just want to earn extra money on my spare time. anyways found this company called C&T Enterprise that says all I need is to collect money from their clients and cash it at my bank and deduct 10% as my commission and wire the rest of the money to one of their manager. this is the letter:
    Name: phillip morris
    Phone: +447055136966
    Email: [email protected]


    Your application has been recieved and reviewed. We feel that you are qualified for the job and we hope that given the opportunity, you will be commited to this job as well. You are to have a one month period of asessment in which we will determine how efficient you are.
    I am PHILLIP MORRIS and I will be your recruitment officer and you will be corresponding through me. I will give you the details of the job again so that you fully understand how it works.
    You will recieve payments on behalf of C & T ENTERPRISE from our customers in the USA in the form of money orders or checks which you will be required to cash at your bank. After cashing the moneys, you will remove 10% as your fee and you will send the rest through western union or money gram back to us. You are NOT required to relocate or quit your current job(if you have one) and since it is not a full time job you can do a any other job of your choice whenever you like.
    Please send a reply to this email to confirm your interest in the job stating your:-
    Name, Address and commitment to the Job offer.
    I will be expecting a reply soonest. God bless.

    phillip morris,
    for C & T ENTERPRISE

    I applied through careerbuilders, you know they should really investigate every listings in there. anyways my 1st transaction, someone fedex me money orders when I saw it it was kinda weird coz the fedex package came from a diff name and the money order was from a diff name. then the money order was there and an instruction of how and where to wire the money. it specifically says cash it at your bank. the money order was from USPS so I thought I don't want to cash it at my bank just in case something goes wrong with the money order so I went over to the postal office to cash it, i called USPS and asked if they will cash it and they said yes, so anyways the guy (manager) I haven't even gave him the money order he just looked at the color of the paper and said it was a counterfeit money. I was told a few tips on how I can tell it its a counterfeit money. So I just gave them all the info I have with the company and even gave the ad that's on careerbuilder. then I emailed the person I was in contact with and I lied telling him that my bank doesn't cash a USPS money order because of counterfeit problems. You know what on my first email I told him that I got the money order and will cash it at my bank and ask how much does he think the fee is going to be at western union he replied within a minute and did give me the fee and insisted on just sending me the money. but after I went to the postal office and on my 2nd email regarding my bank not cashing the check I haven't heard from him since. so be careful with this guy plus check out the email address [email protected] who would have that on a company?

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    Re: DataAdEntry.com?

    There are really lots of red flags there.. first Phillip Morris doesn't seem to be able to spell.. second.. the letter is poorly written and third.. companies don't just hire you directly from your resume.. they usually want to actually talk to you first.

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