I have read many postings related to "valid" or "active" links to a Nuitech site. Many people have been nice and helpful enough to post direct links to certain offers. But as many others have learned, only advertised links on a Google search will be consider "valid" by Nuitech.

To help everyone (including myself) who is not sure what links to use or not, please post:

1) Key words you typed into Google
2) Which link to click on
3) What prize it's for
4) How many offers it takes

For example, if you use:

1) "free airline tickets" in Google
2) Click on the top link that saids "Free US AirFare"
3) $2000 for Airline Tickets to Fly Anywhere in the U.S.
4) 19 offers

I apologize if this information is elsewhere in the forum and I'm just repeating requests, but I thought it would be beneficial for everybody if it's all in one thread. Hopefully it will become a running thread and people can refer to this for new freebies. Thanks.