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    T - Mobile

    I was checking my bank account and noticed a debit from T-mobile for $100 from GA. I have been living in TX for about a month and the transaction took place after I left GA. Also, I checked my minutes. My minutes are 236 or $23.62. If the $100 was applied to my account, I would have over 1000 minutes. I called T-mobile, I talked to customer service and special services. I only was able to see that my last legal transaction was shown, which was before I left GA.
    I talked to the store where the transaction took place and talked to Dale Cooper, I was told that he would contact the manager.
    I will definitely be calling the manager, my bank, and the FBI tomorrow.
    Please let me know if anyone else is getting this kind of problem or is this just an isolated case??
    I also have 3 overdraft fees, which have been added up to $93 plus the 100 from T mobile. I am also unemployed.
    These are just some of the small things that occur that make your credit look bad.

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    Re: T - Mobile

    I would suggest calling the CIA, NSA, WHO, and possibly the United Nations in addition to the FBI.

    Or you could try to work it out with T-Mobile and possibly involve the better business bureau - after you had made reasonable attempts to work it out with the store...

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