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    staying the course,....

    remind me again why there are still americans in Iraq??!?!?!

    Christians, Muslims flee Baghdad for Kurdistan

    46 minutes ago

    ARBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - A Christian shopkeeper who walks with a limp, Adison Brikha fled Baghdad after he was beaten in his shop. He made it to Arbil, in relatively peaceful Iraqi Kurdistan -- but now he's begging for work.


    "The gunmen broke into my shop in New Baghdad district and beat me brutally. It was obvious that Christians are no longer wanted in Baghdad," said Brikha, who can barely pay the rent for a tiny house in Arbil for his family of five.

    "I used to own a shop and now I'm begging people to let me work even as a servant or a laborer, but no one will take me because my foot is crippled," he said, through tears.

    Tens of thousands of people have fled Baghdad, the epicenter of violence in Iraq. The United Nations, launching an appeal for aid for Iraqis who have fled their homes or left the country, said this month about one in eight Iraqis is now displaced.

    It said the exodus is the largest long-term movement of people in the Middle East since the creation of Israel in 1948.

    Many, including non-Kurds, have taken refuge in Kurdistan -- a largely autonomous region in the northern mountains that has been a haven from attacks plaguing other areas since the U.S. invasion of 2003.

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    Re: staying the course,....

    Stay the course, for making money with the war profiteers that is why to stay the course, billions of dollars to make. It is so sick and its all about genocide, MURDER. I have a very good article about why IT wants to stay the course and why IT wants to lie about other countries so they can reap BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and the PENTAGON make TONS OF MONEY FROM WARS. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT! SICKENING JUST INSANE. All criminals. Stay the course, kill kill kill and make BILLIONS from LIES to start wars .

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    Re: staying the course,....

    this administration brought unnecessary DEATHS, DESTRUCTION, and DISASTER TO MILLION. All for the LOVE OF MONEY! GENOCIDE to reduce the population for the Elites and stealing their OIL. TO have control over the MIDDLE EAST, to bring in that new world order. It is a stinking ODOR isnt it! But the war profiteers WON fortunes of dollars and prosperity. Pentagon contractors constitute Overwhelming Majority of these profiteers. Giant manufacturing contractors, there are are few of them, and I am sure you know who they are! and and Private Army and security corporations and Reconstruction firms. These contractors of both deconstruction and reconstruction. Profits come mainly from the U.S. Treasure. Have BIG TIME PROFITED from the LIES OF THE administration WARS. Hey and all the people who invested sums of money into this and thousands and millions of dollars have made lots of money. STAY THE COURSE. MONEY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AGENDA, make LOTS and LOTS OF MONEY. WHo cares who suffers, who cares who dies. MONEY IS THE AGENDA! 100's of BILLIONS of dollars by the wars. That is why keep those your young adults over there! ================================================== = The role of the pentagon contractors are both as a major driving force to the war on Iraq and a major obstale to the with drawal of US lead forces. I am copying this down and my keyboard is acting up on me, so I will have to continue this the next day. but THEY will keep starting wars to MAKE BILLIONS. Time to wake up and why put up with this ? It all about lies and corruption. MAKING MONEY OFF WARS.

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