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    Re: Steer clear of Powerski International



    I hope this thread finds you all well and dealers too. As fate will have it, January 20126, Powerski working now under the name of HYDROFORCE JETBOARDS,having taken all your funds and doing business as usual under the entity of HYRDROFORCE POWERSKI JETBOARDS and is still maintaining a web presence selling the Chinese PowerSki Jetboard as his own, storage unit went into default for non-payment with a balance of $1,400. This had to be an intentional lapse hoping that all historical evidence of fraudulent activity to be destroyed and forever gone.

    Hence not the case, as I received notification that the storage unit contents have been made available and now in the possession of a trusted party, as seen on television the show called "STORAGE WARS". They asked to remain anonymous and will cooperate whatever the victims need in to seek restitution and file criminal charges against PowerSki International Corp, it's officers, board of directors and most likely any entity in this thread supporting BOB MONTGOMERY's FRAUDULENT and UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES as I have stated all along now working under the name HYDROFORCE POWERSKI JETBOARDS.

    I Bob MacKay was used a diversion tactic in order to justify Bob Montgomery's Bankruptcy and closing of POWERSKI INTERNATIONAL CORP
    clearing of all debt and financial obligations, allowing for HYDROFORCE POWERSKI JETBOARDS to rise up after all is said and done, just to do it again under a new formation selling Chinese Manufactured Jetboards and CLAIMING "KNOCKOFFS", however selling the same exact PowerSki Jetboard, as his own. There's the Conspiracy and yes, Bob Montgomery as HYDROFORCE POWERSKI JETBOARDS is setting up International Distributors in the Territories previously sold under the POWERSKI INTERNATIONAL CORP and is still using thePowerSki Jetboardwebsite as an asset to drive traffic and continue business as usual.

    ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL Business Practices of Bob Montgomery, NOT INVENTOR as he self-claims as we have seen the real inventor Gary of Vemco post on this very thread with his statement as the SUPERTORQUEXT engine designer to which Bob Montgomery filed patents under his own name making it appear as the engineer and inventor.

    I don't know or unaware if there is an INTERNATIONAL RESTITUTION FUND, however, I do know that now the full picture has been revealed historically and all the victims can seek criminal actions because the statute of limitations starts once one finds out of criminal intent. Now you all have the evidence you need and not in the hands of Bob Montgomery to be manipulated.


    To open an investigation, one must file with the appropriate authorities a claim of fraud and that you have been taken, as a lot of you have written to me on what steps to take and first off nobody needs to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and or stupid for falling victim to a confidence artist as Bob Montgomery, when you look back at it now, we all got sucked into the whole WOW factor of the product. The whole idea of taking years and years to perfect is hogwash, a ploy, a scam, a con, a cover story to allow POWERSKI INTERNATIONAL to siphon funds for personal gain. allowing Bob Montgomery to continue to "TINKER" in the garage and prolong production, as more complicated technology has taken far less time, for example, AIRBUS 380 started in 2000 the design phase, by 2005, Airbus had 5 prototypes for testing, and by 2007, Airbus Delivered their first aircraft to Qantas Airlines. They are in the business to manufacture a product.

    POWERSKI INTERNATIONAL CORP, has had a working model since 1995, and since then if you follow historically, Bob's pitch hasn't changed in 17 years as we go into production, the time is now, a marketing dream. Watch the videos, historically and see how many people, companies, Bob has burned through, and everyone of them is owed money (IMO) at least most. Powerski has had all the tools necessary to design test and bring to market a working product. PTC Pro Engineer software takes an engineer to run at a salary of $80k per year with the software having the ability to test , model (kinetics) and make the appropriate changes, in the computer. I know this as I saw ProE sitting in the box for the dog and pony show instead of being used and after I bitched about it, because my own father, (A Retired Aerospace Engineer) when IU came and told the whole pitch about going into production, and Bob is finding out where to put the fire extinguisher, and told me it doesn't make sense. Each PowerSki Jetboard Prototype/working model well over 50 costs thousands upon thousands of dollars. $80k to $100k at least with off the shelf prices. More than an engineer's salary for the year.

    Buying gears for an electric motor, having them heat treated, only to have Skip or one of the guys in the shop grind on them with a file to fit better watching them fail after 6 min. or so. Are we really that stupid, what kind of "INVENTOR" do such a thing .... Repeated over and over again for years, because Bob is not an inventor, he didn't even graduate High School. He's a con man.

    SORRY OFF TRACK -this will all come out under the investigation for fraud, including Kevin's manufacturing agreement from Pargon, an automotive parts manufacturer, here in Michigan, needing a product assemble, along with $2 million. Bob refused the deal to go take some Italian on a Jetboard ride in La Jolla instead and left Kevin is San Clemente, holding his dick. Now maybe that sounds crude, its the truth. I ARGUED IT because we don't need a facility in Italy not even built yet and all CONCEPT.. while in the conference room, Kevin is holding a manufacturing deal ready to go RIGHT NOW.

    I CONCLUDED Bob has had no intentions of manufacturing product for the masses. This is a circus for Bob Montgomery and the officers to con and take people's money.


    Overseas and International Jurisdictions:
    investigating crime across borders
    When and how to contact:
    • You can contact any law enforcement agency anywhere in the world to report a fraud. That doesn't mean you will be heard.
    • Not every law enforcement jurisdiction investigates fraud.
    • Some jurisdictions only investigate certain frauds over certain loss amounts.
    • This guide will lead you to the right place or places to report fraud.
    • NOTE: Always keep a log of your conversations with the authorities and other involved parties.
    We have found the enforcement agencies listed on this page to have a sincere prosecution-focused attitude toward fraud, successfully working with law enforcement in many countries to hunt down and convict scammers.
    Nearly every enforcement agency in every country accepts crime tips and crime evidence from people in other countries. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right contact, but patience, courtesy, and persistence work greatly in your favor. Some countries' Embassies and Consulates are helpful, some are not, specializing only in passports, visas, and commerce questions and services; however, they are always a good place to start.
    Be prepared for language challenges. You may need to find an interpreter to help you file your complaint with or speak to a foreign law enforcement. The most popular foreign languages are represented in nearly every community worldwide, so ask around at community clubs, churches, mosques, temples, service clubs, and gathering places for someone who speaks the language you need. You can always ask a mailman where you should start looking. He or she will point you to a likely community.
    It is okay to file a criminal complaint with more than one agency ONLY IF each agency you contact investigates the type of fraud or other crime you want to report.
    NOTE: Before filing a complaint with a foreign agency, you must first file a complaint with your local police. The complaint number, police station name, address, phone number, and the investigating officer's name are vital for international correspondence. If you do not supply this information, you will be directed to call back when the information is available.

    Interpol stands for International Crime Police Organization. It is primarily an organization that assists local law enforcement within their member countries.
    In the area of fraud, Interpol polices money laundering activities. Money laundering is not only related to drug monies, but to funds that are obtained from fraudulent investment victims and Internet scams then laundered through various accounts to hide the funds from investigation attempts.
    Interpol's definition of money laundering is "Any act or attempted act to conceal or disguise the identity of illegally obtained proceeds so that they appear to have originated from legitimate sources." http://www.interpol.com/Public/Finan...AC/default.asp

    You do not have to reside in the UK or be a British citizen to file a complaint with Scotland Yard.
    Scotland Yard is actually the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1829, it is the largest of the police forces that operate in Greater London. It covers an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2 million. (http://www.met.police.uk/about/index.htm)
    In order to file a report with the MPS, you must contact the station that is closest to the address of the swindler, and you must have your local police complaint information at the ready.
    You can find the nearest London MPS station directory here: http://www.met.police.uk/local/index.htm.
    If you are unsure about which station to call, the central numbers are:
    Outside the UK: +44 207 230 1212
    Inside the UK: 0300 123 1212

    When to contact Scotland Yard

    The Metropolitan Police's SCD6 Economic and Specialist Crime OCU specializes in high-value crime, that is amounts of greater than ?75,000.
    If you are the victim of a High-Yield Investment fraud or high-value Nigerian-style* fraud where the swindlers have given you coordinates in England, and London in particular, then call the Metropolitan Police.
    *Nigerian-style scams are also perpetrated by Eastern European, Asian, and North American scam groups. Go here for a list of Nigerian-style scams: http://www.fraudaid.com/NEWListScams/listscams.htm
    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.


    A UK organization, the Serious Fraud Office investigates complex financial crimes, domestic and international.
    When to contact the Serious Fraud Office
    These are the "go-to" people for frauds involving scam groups (multiple scammers working together) in which at least one of the scammers is based in the UK and involves financial documents, promises of huge returns on investment, and more.
    It's best to read the Serious Fraud Office's own explanations:
    Types of fraud
    Case criteria
    Common misconceptions about the Serious Fraud Office
    more ...

    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.
    You do not have to be a resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen to file a complaint with these agencies as long as you suspect the criminal is operating on Canadian soil or the perpetrator is a Canadian citizen.
    The RCMP refers victims of financial crime, such as fraud, corruption, bribery, and other economic crimes to the NW4C and its online reporting system, RECOL (Reporting Economic Crime Online).
    PhoneBusters, also known as the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, is the Canadian crime reporting hotline operated by the RCMP and is a partner of Crime Stoppers International. They can be reached at the phone numbers on this page: http://www.phonebusters.com/english/reportit.html.

    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.
    You do not have to reside in the US or be a US citizen to file a complaint with the US Secret Service.
    The Secret Service operates internationally and has offices in many countries that liaise with foreign national and local law enforcement in crime investigations in which either the perpetrators and/or the victims are citizens or residents of the US.
    For a list of Secret Service Overseas Field Offices and their contact information, go here: http://www.secretservice.gov/field_offices.shtml#over
    If you are unsure about contacting a U.S. representative on foreign soil, go here for a list of US Secret ServiceField Offices and their contact information: http://www.secretservice.gov/field_offices.shtml
    When to contact the Secret Service
    For more information about the US Secret Service and the crimes they investigate, see US Federal Jurisdictions - Secret Service.

    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.
    You do not have to reside in the US or be a US citizen to file a complaint with the FBI.
    While the FBI does not have overseas field offices, they do accept complaints about criminal activity perpetrated by US citizens or residents on people outside the US.
    If you are located outside the U.S., then you can contact the nearest American Embassy or Consulate and speak with a Legal Attach?(a-ta-shay). Go here for a list of Legal Attach?: http://www.fbi.gov/contact/legat/legat.htm.
    The Attach?will either direct you to the correct office or contact the FBI personally.
    If you are unsure about contacting a U.S. representative on foreign soil, then you can call directly into the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC at (202)324-3000 or write to the following address:
    Federal Bureau of Investigation
    J. Edgar Hoover Building
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

    For a list of FBI Field Offices and their contact information, go here: http://www.fbi.gov/contact/fo/fo.htm

    When to contact the FBI
    For more information about the FBI and the crimes they investigate, see US Federal Jurisdictions - FBI
    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.
    You do not have to reside in the US or be a US citizen to file a complaint with the SEC.
    While the SEC has civil enforcement authority only, it works closely with various criminal law enforcement agencies throughout the country to develop and bring criminal cases when the misconduct warrants more severe action... http://www.sec.gov/about/whatwedo.shtml

    When to contact the SEC
    For more information about the SEC and the crimes they investigate, see US Federal Jurisdictions - SEC
    If you are calling in a tip that you suspect someone of a violation, before you call write down what you want to say, including valid reasons for your suspicions.
    If you are calling in with direct, personal knowledge and experience, as always, have your narrative and evidence package ready.


    My Grandfather taught me about standing up for myself by this very saying - "A SQUEAKY WHEEL ALWAY GETS OILED".

    Funny how much shit was brought on through Brad Maier, who on, tape which Joe Lurente has, expressing the same concerns about Bob Montgomery's incopetence or possible fraudulent activites and to speak out of the side of is neck in this thread.

    The author of this thread come to find out was, Tim Aggurie, VP of Sales, Powerski Internatoional Corp., after realizng himself that the rumors were infact truths. Bob Montgomery is nothing but an ex drug dealer, no education, con artist that had found a way to swindle the world.

    The plan being out in the open is to indivually contact the authority of being swindled, especially those who's territories, were resold and those who purchased an occupied terrtory. That ialone is very ilegal around the world.

    SEC for any investment made to PowerSki as the Private Placement Memorandom was not registered or numbered let alone speciying a closing date, period of time, level of the raise, how many raises prior, with the number of shares avaible. Shareholder meetings, quartly reports, any reports, company's financials to date. ALL POINTS down to unethical business practices with intent to commit fraud. If you're a CEO, and dont know how to properly and legally raise funds in the private sector, you have no busines in running a corporation unless its fraud. Bob at one did do it by the book, until '98. Everything after that is boiler plate and illegal. You must file to the SEC to provoke an investigation. One or two people, nothing will happen and Bob has banked on that.

    FTC - Federal Trade Commision - Distributors who also wre forced to make product orders for a product not in production, recieved inferrior product need to file a claim for both international and dosmestic. Thats dealers too. I personally put the dealer program together in 2002 predicated on a quick ramp up for production after Coast Guard Certification with the Beta-Board program kicking. Never expected more tinkering and Bob wanting to extend R & D for as long as he could pulling investments from overseas.

    Again my name is Bob Mackay, Ex Director of Marketing, and shareholder, legally in possesioin of ALL POWERSKI's computer files and Hard Drives ready to turn over States Evidence - setting up an email for you to contact me directly to coordinate our plan of justice. So that we can jointly get the attention of proper authorties to at least open an investigation, provide coopperation with the investigators, supported by evidence obtained from the computers and hard drives of Powerski International Corp

    [email protected]

    and I Thank You All for your longstanding commitment, extremely sorry for your financial losses. Hopefully we get Justice and put an end to BOb Montgomery doing this to others.


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    Re: Steer clear of Powerski International

    *** CONTACT EMAIL - [email protected]***

    BOB Montgomery is sell the crappy knockoff jeboards from China and they are crap... one ahhh it.. I got the drives computers its time I giving it all to the SEC/FTC with links to these threads and Bob Montgomery's home address which is posted on yelp as Powerski Frontera in San Cllemente.

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    Re: Steer clear of Powerski International

    Come see my profile album featuring my hostile take over of powwerski -


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