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    Is NestWise a scam?

    I don't understand something. How can NestWise help the middle class when they keep scamming advisors and don't have any customers. Is NestWise a scam or ponzi scheme? #zeitgeist

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    Re: Is NestWise a scam?

    I looked at the website . it is probably a type of up front fee. it may not really be a scam or a ponzi. its more that you pay for a membership but what they offer is available elsewhere for less money. in other words they try to get you to buy a membership ,possible several levels.the info you get however would not cost that much at other firms,eg a life insurance company, a fee base only stock broker, a banker, a no load mutual fund. you are better off getting a magazine like Money or Kipplinger's Personal Financial. you would get the same amount of info for many hundreds of dollars less. the magazines have model portfolios of mutual funds for different age groups and would answer life questions by writing a letter to the editor ( ie what to do with retirement, marriage, birth fo baby,et,etc) so forget the outfit. it is too expensive for the info that they sell:judges:

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