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    Webpower Designs Inc

    Hi All.

    Just curious if anyone has heard about WEBPOWER DESIGNS INC?

    They are hiring payment managers to processing payments to them from their U.S. Clients.

    They say because of a 30 day delay in cashing checks sent to them, they need this service until they set up offices in the U.S.

    Just curious what anyone else has heard.

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Joe Wanna Know

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    Re: Webpower Designs Inc

    It is a money mule scam. You will be sent fake checks, pay them, and when the fraud comes out, you will be in trouble and owe the bank money. Stay away.

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    Re: Webpower Designs Inc

    Very old scam with a new coat of paint.

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    Re: Webpower Designs Inc

    I actually fell for the scam and now owe Wachovia $6000.:-(

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    Re: Webpower Designs Inc

    Another payment processing scam, you could be sent to jail!

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