Here's a scam from a forex broker company TRADEX FX.
Here's how it works:

You open an account with them.
You start trading.(placing orders)
You lose money -- the make money off commissions.
You place an order that can makes you a substantial amount of money.....YOU GET SHAFTED. They will CANCEL your order if it's about to make money. I'm not kidding, they will actually cancel any orders that will make you a decent amount of money.

WHY? you may ask. Because if you make money...they lose money. Its that simple. I'm not talking about a measly 10 pips here and there, i mean 30+ pips.

I didn't know this at first, but when i started seeing canceled trades worth 4-600 bucks because of their cancellations, i was not impressed.

On top of it, they mask these cancellations as part of a system designed to 'help' you so that you don't lose all your money in case you placed a bad order.

Bottom line, if you value your money and you're in(or going into) the Forex market, i highly recommend shopping around for a good broker.

TRADEX FX is not a good broker, they will cancel your orders when they feel like it. Dont use TRADEX FX.

As for me, i learned my lesson and i wanted to share with anyone that's interested.