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    First United Mortgage CorpScam

    I did a loan with first united mortgage and they are a bunch of scam artist. Beware they will bait and switch and have you crying at the closing table. Im going to lose my house now because of what Chip Driggs and Greg Graffee. Some woman named Laurie laughed when I called and she said "maybe you should read the fine print" Im so upset and Im lost now....

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    Re: First United Mortgage CorpScam

    They are suppose to disclose everything to you before the closing. Fine print doesn't qualify. What happened? I have been battling a problem myself and maybe I can be of assistance.

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    Re: First United Mortgage CorpScam

    For those of you who had a problem with First United Mortgage, please could you contact me?

    I just found out that somehow all that it had been proposed and most of the papers I signed at the Title Company had been switched/replaced.

    The Note I have now, will soon make me loose my house. I would never agree and sign such a deal. It is obviously a scam, now the hard part is to prove it.

    So if you have a similar case we should get together because if is their a pattern, we have a better chance to prove our case.

    Hope is not too late.

    Please e-mail me asap? Thanks SHCapone@aol.com

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    Re: First United Mortgage CorpScam

    You probably should visit:


    You may not be alone.

    The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

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