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    Glory of the Olive Pope Benedict XVI resigns for Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, the last Pope, Droner first to be droned on US soil

    Glory of the Olive Pope Benedict XVI resigns for Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, the last Pope, Droner first to be droned on US soil

    Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as Peter the Roman, "C. Dorner" as first droned in US soil: last details in the BIG BANG stage

    Role for actor "Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone"
    Today "Glory of the Olive Pope Benedict XVI", "one of the last survivors of Hitler's Army" (1), announces he will resign within days.
    Reason: "Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone" MUST NOW play "Last Pope Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman", the illuminati script packaged as "St. Malachy's prophecy" (2).
    The role that has "PIETRO" as middle name and a birth certificate with a birthplace of "ROMANO Canavese".

    Role for virtual character "Christopher Dorner"
    The "Peter the Roman" act is staged hours after the Los Angeles police manhunt for "black Dorner" becomes the first official target for drones in US soil.
    This act staged days after virtual character "Dorner", a photoshop creation based on LL COOL J, was baptised by the illuminati.
    An illuminati joke that goes beyond the legalized execution of US citizens without trial, starting with drones, an edict passed the same time as "Dorner" was created.
    Ultimately it is preliminary symbology for the core activity during the supervised race war, that MUST BE launched NOW: hunting down non-whites, starting with blacks and muslims.

    WHY the "Last Pope" and "Dorner" acts MUST be staged NOW
    The reason is one and the same: it is now 2013 or almost 6 years after systemic collapse, July 2007 (3).
    Illuminati failed in the plan to take control of Russia for the fourth time, after Napoleon, Kaiser Willhelm and Hitler.
    All over the world illuminati puppets are [on the brink of] collapsing, as the illuminati no longer have the financial capabilities that previously ensured ability to keep control.
    This is the final leg of illuminati overtime and the illuminati are one leg already over the cliff.
    Illuminati MUST NOW go for the BIG BANG, after they were forced to repeatedly postpone it.
    The BIG BANG includes:
    - controlled collapse of banks with annihilation of pension funds and savings of human cattle;
    - supervised race war, following detonation of actor "Obama", that will have blacks and hispanics fighting whites, all of them under illuminati leadership.

    Consequences: survival of illuminati depends solely on the "race card"
    The IV Reich plays the only card left, the race card, at the very last possible moment.
    So the survival of the illuminati depends on whether the race card will be successful.
    In other words: if from one day to the other their support will rise from a few hundreds cheering "Romney" and Clinton to millions of whites going after non-whites while getting orders from illuminati agents.
    If that fails they can do nothing but have brainwashed air force pilots bomb the population (repeat Syria's last two years) and suicide (nukes).


    (1) Get the basics: GOOGLE GLORY OF THE OLIVE
    One of the FIRST RESULTS by angelic Google since 2004 is the END TIMES TRUTH. It reads:
    Glory Of the Olive, the illuminati code for the destruction of ...

    (2) The perfect script would be "electing" first the "black pope", Ghana's Peter Turkson is the actor in the cast for that role, usng the name Romano as pope.
    That is why the illuminati have his coat of arms with the alpha omega symbols for begin and end: Peter the first pope, Peter the Roman the last pope.
    The "black pope" would be shortly after the "election" accused of all sort of crimes and stripped of the papacy, to let Bertone play Terminator and successor of Ratzinger, Gloria Olivae.
    This would be another parody (like falsely accusing and stripping Lance Armstong) to the script of "black Obama, the suicide Obomber", who will now be accused of all sort of crimes and "hanged", after stripped of all titles, to let Hillary Clinton play Terminator and successor of GW Bush.
    The problem is there is no time left for long illuminati jokes, as expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism.

    (3) July 2007 - Oil reaches $150 a barrel.
    Weeks later it was at $33 a barrel.
    Who did not get the HORRIBLE TRUTH about it will only get it at the BIG BANG. In other words, in the coming weeks.

    We have been in the last leg of illuminati end times, illuminati overtime, since July 2007 ...
    ... when other tactic weapons are required

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